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Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit for Health

Sapodilla fruit has a rounded oval shape, such as eggs and there is also partly round. Sapodilla fruit in Indonesia is already very well known, sweet fruit flavors can be a characterize, sapodilla is often used as a dessert, and often made as a refreshing juice.

Before we review more about the benefits of sapodilla fruit for health and beauty, first we see the sense of sapodilla. According to wikipedia, sapodilla in Latin is called the Manilkara zapota. Is a long-lived plant and have a variety of names in accordance with the area grows.

In general, the sapodilla fruit is divided into three categories:

  • Manila Sapodilla: Having a feature oval characteristic, contains a lot of water and have a fairly thick pieces of meat. Manila Sapodilla is the most popular type of sapodilla in southeast Asia.
  • Butter Sapodilla: The fruit is round bobbin, obovate and elongated, green glossy and has a sweet taste.
  • Durian Sapodilla: Having characteristic feature round to oval, smooth fruit with glossy skin, the skin is rather thick, contain lots of latex and can not be eaten.

Here are some benefits of sapodilla fruit for health and beauty

1. Cure diarrhea

One of the benefits of Sapodilla fruit is as diarrhea medicine. You can make diarrhea medication by taking 15 drops of sapodilla, and brewed with hot water, and drink at once when it is cold or warm.

For overcome diarrhea, you can also consume young sapodilla fruit that has a sense of chelates.

2. Helping the formation of red blood cells

Sapodilla fruit has folic acid so that the benefits sapodillas are known to help the formation of red blood cells. The folic acid is as much as 14mkg/100 gram.

3. Overcoming inflammation of the mouth

Sapodilla fruit for health benefits can also cope with inflammation of the mouth. This time, we use the leaves of sapodilla, not the fruit. Take one cup of sapodilla leaves and chopped and boiled with 2 cups water, for 10 minutes. Wear this boiling water to rinse.

Read other benefits:

4. Maintaining bone health

Sapodilla fruit benefits for bone health. Sapodilla fruit also contains phosphorus and calcium, so the benefits of sapodilla fruit for bone health can not be doubted. Bone is in desperate need of phosphorus and calcium to maintain its strength.

5. Maintaining eye health

The benefits of sapodilla fruit for health are also good for the eyes. Sapodilla fruit contains some vitamin A, so its advantages for eye health is excellent.

6. For bone growth

One of the benefits of Sapodilla fruit is for bone growth. Protein content in sapodilla makes fruit very instrumental in the development of the body, so it’s nice consumed by children.

7. Health and Beauty Skin

In addition to health benefits, sapodilla fruit is also beneficial for beauty. The content of vitamin E in the sapodilla fruit to make fruit is useful for beauty, especially the beauty of skin, with Vitamin E, our skin will look cleaner, keep it moist and prevent premature aging.

8. Prevent Colon Cancer

Sapodilla fruit benefits for intestinal health. This fruit has a high fiber content, so good for digestion in the intestines. Sapodilla fruit can cure constipation and prevent some cancers in the gut.

9. Prevention of Infection

Sapodilla fruit has vitamin C and A that are quite good. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. While Vitamin C is beneficial for resistance to attack harmful free radicals, and prevent the infection.

10. Treat dysentery

Benefits of sapodilla for treating dysentery. A potion made from young sapodilla fruit can cure dysentery. Take young sapodilla fruit, puree, and then mixed with salt to taste. Eat two times a day.

11. Maintain Dental Health

Sapodilla fruit contains high phosphorus and calcium. So eating regularly can maintain the health and strength of bones and teeth. However, despite high levels of phosphorus and calcium, it’s not recommended to consumed by toddlers, as it will interfere with digestion. Strong bones and healthy is important to live this life.

That’s some of the benefits of sapodilla fruit for health and beauty. Hopefully, this short article can increase our love for sapodilla fruit so that we can take the benefits