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5+ Duku Fruit Benefits for Health

Duku Fruit Benefits

Duku Fruit Benefits really approve for people who eat it regularly. The duku is a fruit that is still in the family of langsat fruit. Duku fruit has a sweet taste even sweeter than the langsat fruit, which is why the price of fruit duku also more expensive than the langsat/lanzones. Young duku has a green color and sour taste, while ripe or mature have a yellow color and sweet taste and even when it has ripe, the fruit will be watery and sweet.

Duku fruit benefits for health not only for a dessert or snack replacement, but duku also be natural ingredients in the manufacture of jam or cake filling. Here are some health benefits of duku fruits, hopefully, brighten up.

Duku Fruit for Health Benefits

1. The source of antioxidants

Duku is one fruit that provides high antioxidant, and antioxidant is a type of compound that is tasked to dispose of toxins or free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known as the culprit in a variety of body damage such as skin damage and the appearance of a variety of abnormal cells in the body.

2. Preventing premature aging

Duku fruit for health benefits in preventing premature aging has a link with the above explanation. Premature aging is a result of abnormal health that makes a person older than the age. Free radicals are one of the main causes. The content of vitamin C that being as antioxidant in duku fruit be a deterrent and inhibiting premature aging by eliminating free radicals in the body.

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Other benefits of vitamin C is to protect proteins lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates from damage caused by free radicals, pollutants or toxins.

3. Strengthens teeth

Duku fruit contains many phosphor that serves to strengthen bones and teeth. So the duku fruit benefits for the health of dental is enormous, for those of you who frequently consume duku will have strong teeth and bones.

4. Maintain healthy gums

The next duku fruit benefits for health is keeping gum from disease or bleeding. It as been discussed above that the amount of vitamin C in duku plays a significant role in improving the health of your gums.

5. Improve the immune system

The immune system is crucial in keeping the body healthy and resistant to attack by various diseases. Consuming duku fruits – containing vitamin C – useful in improving immunity. Not only that, for the health benefits of duku fruit also good in restoring the health problems more quickly.

6. Maintain healthy skin

Skin health is a result of the absorption of vitamin E by the body. Duku is one of the fruits that contain lots of vitamin E, so it is good for beautifying the skin and smoothes the skin. In addition to the skin, the duku fruit benefits that contain vitamin E are also able to prevent premature aging, smoothes and softens the skin, maintaining skin moisture, keeping the skin from UV rays, helps wound healing.

7. Getting rid of mosquitoes

Another duku fruit benefit is as the natural material mosquito repellent. You do not need to use Baygon or other insect repellents because these drugs also have side effects, simply by using the rind duku mosquitoes will be afraid. Benefits duku to repel mosquitoes is by burning the skin to produce smoke of duku fruit, it is also good to use to repel other insects.

Thus duku fruit benefits for health. In addition to the benefits we have mentioned above, there are many other advantages of fruit duku for health that not mention it yet, continue to wait for the next update to get the latest information of tanyoe.com. Happy day