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How To Make Parsley Tea

Parsley is a complementary vegetable that has many health benefits. One new way to enjoy parsley is to make parsley tea from fresh or dried parsley leaves. Parsley tea is easy to mix, low cost and has great health benefits!

The taste of parsley tea is fresh and grassy, ​​and it’s great to start your day with a fresh cup of dried or fresh parsley tea. Very simple, easy, easy and rich in benefits. We grow parsley as a spice and flavoring or as a topping on top of some delicious serving recipes. Now we can easily add it to our morning drink.

How To Make Parsley Tea

Parsley tea can be made with dry parsley or with fresh parsley. If you are trying to make tea with dry leaves, then the first step is to know how to microwave dry parsley and use an oven.

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How to dry parsley with microwave

How to dry parsley with microwave 

  • Pick parsley leaves in the garden, if they are dirty then clean them first by washing them under running water, then dry them first by placing them on a paper towel overnight so they are completely dry, then we can then proceed to the next step.
  • Take a plate, and place a paper towel on it, laying the parsley in one layer so that it doesn’t overlap. Then lay down another sheet of paper towel and lay it on top so that it covers all of the parsley.
  • Put your parsley in the microwave for one minute, turn on the microwave at normal temperature and check if the parsley is dry. Usually, my parsley takes between 1:30 and 1:50 am. Repeat until all the parsley is dry and if necessary you can replace the paper towels.
  • Remove the parsley from the microwave, scrubbing with your hands so that all the leaves fall off the stems.
  • If all the dried parsley is in the bowl, now crush the dry leaves with your hands. If you have a mortar, you can use it to make your work easier, after everything is smooth, save it in a jar as parsley tea powder.

How to dry parsley leaves in the oven

Besides microwave drying, you can also dry these parsley leaves in the oven. See how to dry parsley in the oven below.

How to dry parsley leaves in the oven

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  • First, preheat your oven to 170 F
  • Place the parsley leaves on the baking sheet and watch them so they don’t overlap. This will allow the parsley leaves and stalks to dry quickly.
  • Then put in the grill or overn for 20 minutes. Keep checking so that your parsley leaves don’t burn. After 20 minutes, check, if the parsley leaves are not dry and cannot be crushed, then add another 5 minutes. Then check again until the parsley is completely dry and easy to crush.
  • When it is dry, place the stems on top of the bowl, crush the leaves using your fingers. Do this for all of the parsley until they are crushed into powder.
  • Put in a transparent jar and store in a dry and cool place.

Ok, that’s how to dry parsley in the microwave and in the oven, now let’s see how to make parsley tea.

How to Make Tea with Fresh Parsley

Making parsley tea with fresh leaves is very easy. Take a cup of boiling hot water, put a few fresh parsley leaves, let stand for 5 minutes. Then filter and ready to drink.

You can also put the fresh parsley leaves in a small filter, and place it on a cup, then fill it with hot water, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Remove the strain and the parsley tea is ready to drink.

How to Make Tea with Dried Parsley

How to make parsley tea from dry leaves is the same as using fresh leaves. Put a few tablespoons of dry leaves into a cup, then pour in hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes, then strain the dregs and the parsley tea is ready to drink. To increase enjoyment, you can add sugar as you wish.

Not only sugar that you can add, if there is honey, this can also sweeten your parsley tea drink.