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Lukewarm Water (Tepid Water): Benefits, Uses, Precautions, Ideal Temperature

Tepid Water or warm water has many health benefits. That’s why most people start their day with a glass of warm water or tepid water and then move on. The great benefits of a glass of warm water in the morning are enormous, from beautiful skin to healthy digestion.

It’s not cold water and sweet water that are fun, but warm water that gives you many health benefits. So, warm water or cold water is best for you? If you want to start a healthy day, then take a look at our review of the benefits of warm water or tepid water for the body.

Lukewarm Water Meaning: What Is It?

Warm or lukewarm water is water that is not cold, not hot but a bit hot but still drinkable. This is healthy water for health.

How Hot Is Lukewarm Water?

As we said earlier, warm water is water that is neither cold nor hot, but the condition of the water is closer to hot than cold.

What Should Be Lukewarm Water Temperature?

To be clear about how hot the warm water is? We will give the temperature level for the warm water.

Warm water is said to be water whose temperature is around 98 to 105 F. In Celsius, we can say that warm water is at a temperature of 36.5 cc to 40.5 cc.

Tepid water is actually not hot, but if you do the test by hand, the water temperature should be hotter than your body temperature. That’s warm water or tepid water.

Before we look at the health benefits of warm water, let’s talk briefly about the interesting history associated with warm water.

The Interesting History Of ‘Lukewarm’

The word “luke” is a Middle English word “lew” which means “a little warm”. But if we take a closer look, the word “lew” is derived from Old English, which in that language is called “hleowe”, which means something warm or bright. That’s the origin of the word “luke” which was then added with “warm”.

The word “warm” is derived from the word “tepid”, it is derived from the Latin word called “tepidus” which means warm moderation, and the sentence then comes from the Sanskrit word “tepati” which means “to make warm”.

That’s a glimpse of the history of the origin of the word “lukewarm” which we now mean by warm or lukewarm water.

Yeast And Lukewarm Water

What is the relationship between yeast and warm water? Did you know that bread dough expands after processing with yeast. Yeast is useful in developing cookie dough which makes it soft and voluminous.

That means, the bread dough must rise or live before being baked in the oven.

So, the rise of bread is by using yeast and the yeast is activated by using warm water.

Now all we need to know is how warm the water is? Try rubbing your hands through the water, make sure the water feels comfortable on the skin, if it’s not comfortable you can add a little cold water, but not too warm or hot because it can kill the yeast.

For the first step to activate the yeast, you can add a spoonful of sugar, or half a cup of warm water. Don’t use instant yeast.

How To Make Lukewarm Water?

How to make warm water simply by adding hot water in cold water, or cook briefly at 80F and extend your hand into the water to see if the water is comfortable on your skin.

A quick way to make warm water is to heat the water, add a few glasses of cold water.

Benefits Of Drinking Lukewarm Water

In addition to the benefits of tepid water to activate yeast, we can take many benefits from drinking a glass of warm water. A glass of warm water to start the day can be beneficial for healthy digestion, healthy skin and others.

Here we look at some of the benefits of drinking warm water:

1. Helps digestive health

Lack of water consumption is very bad for health. Insufficient water can sometimes cause digestive problems such as constipation, dehydration and can cause skin dryness. Our intestines are passageways through which various types of food pass, which sometimes causes them to become dirty with leftovers of various types of food.

Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning or on an empty bowel is the best way to rid it of digested food residue. It is also an effective method of ridding the body of toxins.

2. Lose weight

Benefits of drinking lukewarm water for weight loss. When drinking lukewarm water or tepid water, the body temperature can be increased and this then causes an increase in the body’s metabolism.

Try drinking warm water while doing an exercise routine or dieting to lose weight. When the body’s metabolism increases, the body’s calorie burning will also be faster and this provides an opportunity for weight loss.

3. Increase body immunity

Warm water and lemon juice can be an important alternative to increase the supply of vitamin C and potassium and this provides a better immune boost.

For better immunity results, drinking warm water plus lemon juice is recommended on an empty stomach or when you wake up.

4. Beneficial for skin and hair

In addition to the above benefits, drinking warm water nails is also beneficial for skin and hair beauty. You’re surprised aren’t you!

Drinking lukewarm water in the morning can also beautify the skin by hydrating it. Also, drinking warm water can provide overall hair health. This is because warm water plays a role in eliminating body toxins, detoxifying the skin, and increasing skin elasticity.

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5. Maintain the body’s pH balance

Ascorbic acid and citric acid are removed from the body, the body’s pH can turn alkaline, and drinking a glass of warm water in the morning can keep the body’s pH stable.

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6. Warm water and lemon water

A glass of warm water with the addition of lemon can be a good remedy for family health. Drinking lukewarm with lemon juice provides many health benefits, including:

– Prevents dehydration, and constipation and promotes body hydration.

– Lemons are rich in vitamin C, so drinking lemon water with lukewarm water will provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

– Increase body metabolism and lose weight

– The benefits of vitamins for the skin is to reduce wrinkles, aging, aging lines on the skin, and prevent skin damage. Drinking warm lemon water can give a glow to your skin.

– Improve body digestion

– Prevent bad breath

– The citric acid in lemons when combined with warm water can prevent kidney stones.

7. Benefits of warm water nails + honey

Honey is an important substance for the health of bees. Drinking honey with lukewarm water provides many health benefits, including:

– Great for inhibiting respiratory infections, helps fight coughs and throat infections

– Drinking warm water with honey can lose weight

– Drinking warm water nails plus honey can clean the skin

Honey is a substance that is rich in various minerals, including andomenzymes whose benefits are to increase immunity.

– Drinking honey with warm water on an empty stomach can improve digestion.

8. Benefits of drinking honey with warm water + lemon

Adding lemon juice in a mixture of honey with warm water can add health benefits. Here are some health benefits of drinking honey with warm water plus lemon:

– Increases energy and detoxifies the body

– Improve the digestive process

– Improve the digestive process

– Clean the skin

– Promotes weight loss

– Prevents kidney stones

– Great for improving heart health.

Side effects of drinking honey with warm water + lemon

Indeed, drinking warm water mixed with honey and lemon juice provides several health benefits. However, there are some side effects that may occur, including:

– Affects teeth (damages tooth enamel)

– If you drink too much it can cause heartburn

– Drinking in large quantities can increase the frequency of urination

Are there any side effects of drinking lukewarm water?

Drinking lukewarm water can provide many health benefits and there are no side effects. But if you drink very warm or near hot water, this can sometimes cause burning of your throat or tongue tissue.

Another side effect that can occur is blistering of the tongue and it can cause discomfort.

Can We Drink Hot Water Before Sleeping?

However, if you drink warm water before bed, this can cause you to wake up too often at night to urinate.

So, drinking too much warm water at night can sometimes disrupt your sleep cycle, even though you should sleep every night for 7-8 hours.