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The 10 Powerful Benefits Of Pear Juice, Recipe and Side Effects

We like to drink carrot juice, avocado or orange juice, but we don’t like pear juice, even though the benefits of pear juice are very much for health, it contains extraordinary nutrients and is good for giving many vitamins to the body. If you are curious about pear juice, read on the article until it’s finished.

What is Pear Juice?

Pear juice is a juice from the extraction of pears that are commonly grown in European countries. This is a plant native to North Africa and parts of Europe. Pears have a lot of species, even up to hundreds, but not all types of pears can be eaten. Pears commonly found in Europe is Pyrus communis. While pears are found generally in China and several other countries in Asia, Pyrus pyrifolia.

Making pear juice is very easy. You only need to take a few pears and remove the skin, then extract it using a blender by adding a little water. It’s best not to add sugar to get more optimal benefits. A serving of pear juice you can get minerals and lots of vitamins in it. Among the vitamins you get in pear juice are vitamin C, vitamin K, and Vitamin B. While the minerals between them are potassium, copper, anthocyanins, phosphorus, flavonols, magnesium, iron and calcium. In fact, it also contains polyphenol compounds and various other types of antioxidants.

Powerful Benefits of Pear Juice

An important benefit of consuming pear juice is getting a nutritional supply, strengthening the body’s immunity, good for circulation, nourishing the nervous system, reducing blood pressure, increasing mineral capacity in the bones, eliminating inflammation and good for helping cognition. Here’s a review of the benefits of drinking pear juice in detail.

1. Improve heart health

Pear juice is good for heart health because it contains a lot of potassium which is useful for stabilizing blood and lowering blood pressure. Did you know that heart disease attacks tens of millions of people. Potassium is a mineral that can reduce tension between arteries and blood vessels. Pear juice is a potassium-rich drink that you need to enjoy for the good of your heart.

2. Prevent Osteoporosis

A miracle, in pear juice contains all substances related to bone health such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron. So, the benefits of consuming pear juice on a regular basis is to help replenish the mineral ket birthday so that you always get healthy and strong bones of all time.

3. Increases Circulation

One of the problems that arise due to iron deficiency in the body is slow cognition, weakness, stomach, and tiredness. This health disorder can be overcome by drinking pear juice because it contains a number of iron which will increase the formation of red blood cells in the body.

4. Improve nerve health

We often ignore copper as one of the main nutrients. In fact, copper plays an important role in improving nerve health including improving nerve function. This gives a signal that sufficient copper supply in the body is good for maintaining communication in the body.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Consuming moderate amounts of pear juice is good for reducing inflammation in joints, tissues, and muscles. One of the best times to drink pear juice is before exercising and after exercising. The reason: This juice can make muscles relax.

6. Increase body immunity

Mugkiin You have heard that vitamin C is rich in a variety of antioxidants that are good for the body’s resistance from free radicals and other causes of disease. However, you also need to know that pear juice goes far beyond that because the compounds and minerals in it are very extraordinary.

Pear juice is rich in flavonols, epicatechins, catechins, quercetin, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and various other active ingredients. Components found in pear juice can quickly neutralize free radicals from the body so that free radicals do not have time to mutate into the disease. So, one of the benefits of pear juice is to support the body’s immunity by reducing oxidation stresses and inflammation in the body so as to avoid dangerous diseases.

7. Promotes Nutrient Intake

Pear juice is famous for its benefits for the large intestine and inflammation. He can be a cleanser for the large intestine. This has a good effect on the balance of bacteria in the intestine which in turn eliminates constipation, stomach acid, and diarrhea. Meaning, this will help the absorption of nutrients more optimally.

8. Cure bleeding disorders

One of the most important vitamins in pear juice is vitamin K, although it is often ignored, vitamin K is very important for blood clotting. Someone who lacks Vitamin K, he will experience nosebleeds, great menstruation, wounds that are difficult to heal and hemorrhoids.

How to Make Pear Juice

Making pear juice is very easy, you only need to take a few pears and blend them with a little water. But if you want to enjoy and get a unique experience with a combination of pear juice with various other ingredients, then here are the recipes for making pear juice for you. You can combine pears with apple, celery, orange, or mint. Look the below recipes from organicfacts.

Recipe for making pear juice

Material that must be prepared:

  • Three medium pears
  • One orange, if you want to add flavor
  • One lemon, if you want the lemon flavor
  • A little sea salt.

How to make it:

  1. Wash and peel the pears, then cut them into pieces, put them in a blender
  2. Put the pears into a blender, add other ingredients such as fruits that you have prepared, and spices.
  3. Juice ingredients for 2 or 3 minutes, waiting for all ingredients to be evenly and smoothly mixed
  4. For more fun, strain the juice with a filter from fine cloth to separate the pulp
  5. Press on top of the pulp of the pear, so that the essence comes out thoroughly
  6. Serve cold pear juice, and enjoy with your loved ones.

Side effects of drinking pear juice

The effect given by pear juice is positive. But there are also some bad effects that occur in part of those who drink pear juice. Among the bad effects are diarrhea, cramps, bloating, liver problems, or certain inflammation such as gout. So, this juice should not be consumed by those of you who experience this problem except with the advice of a doctor.

1. Stomach problems: This happens when you consume pear juice excessively. Sorbitol content has a laxative effect and can cause diarrhea, stomach ache, flatulence, and cramps.

2. Liver disease: Non-alcoholic liver disease infects millions of people in the world. Excess natural sugars such as fructose are known to worsen this problem. Actually, if you consume enough pear juice, this is good for treating liver disease. But if consumed in excessive amounts, it can worsen liver problems.

3. Gout: Some active ingredients in pear juice are damaged in the body and this forms uric acid. But consuming it in moderation is good for health. Excessive uric acid in the body can cause kidney stones. So, for those of you who have kidney stones, or have a history of kidney stones, you should consult a doctor before enjoying pear juice.