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Green Tea Before Bed, 9 Benefits for Health

Drinking green tea before bed has many health benefits. It’s just like you drink to a glass of lemon water before bed. While great food like rice or other not good you consume if you want to sleep because this can incriminate the performance of the body.

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world today. Beverages derived from China is believed to contain a number of nutrients that are beneficial to health. Not only that, green tea is also a herb treatment in the world of traditional Chinese medicine since thousands of years ago.

So, in addition to drinking lemon juice you can consume caffeine-free green tea as a routine drink before bed. Actually, many studies that claim the benefits and efficacy of green tea but not many who know and pay attention to this problem. To that end, we try to make this article in hopes it can be useful for all visitors to our website.

Some Benefits of Drink Green Tea before Bed

1. Make You Smarter

Drinking green tea before bed knew able to improve the brain so that it is useful to educate. Diligent drinking green tea at night can make you more intelligent, and you can quickly understand all the lessons you learned.

Green tea will clear your mind and prevent brain cell damage.

2. Green tea burns fat

One of the great benefits that you get from consuming green tea is burning your belly fat. So, you can replace the habit of drinking alcohol or drinking milk at night.

Consuming a regular green tea before going to bed can eliminate a few pounds of your body weight. This is the best alternative for those who want to get an attractive appearance and a sensual body shape.

A little before falling asleep, try to drink green tea because this drink contains 0 calories. Discard your habit of drinking beer because one glass alone contains 120 calories.

3. Contains bio-active compounds

All know that green tea is rich in antioxidants, these compounds are useful for maintaining cell damage and prevent premature aging. So, the incredible benefits are good for health and beauty.

Chinese people have been using green tea therapy since thousands of years ago. They prove that this tea is able to provide tremendous benefits for their health.

4. Reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer! who does not know? Who is not afraid? this deadly disease is very worrying to many people. So, before we suffer, we should prevent this disease in various ways. One effective way is to consume green tea with high antioxidants.

Research shows that consuming green tea before bed can reduce cancer risk. Among them are breast cancer, prostate and colon cancer drastically.

5. Eliminate the smell of breath

Bad breath is very annoying when interacting with others. You must eliminate this bad breath. Green tea contains Catechin, an antioxidant that works to destroy streptococcus, a bacteria that causes bad breath.

Streptococcus bacteria can also cause damage to teeth and gums. So green tea is very good for mouth problems. Drinking green tea before bed can help kill bacteria during sleep.

6. Reduce the risk of diabetes

Unhealthy lifestyle not only makes you hard and always feel not enough. But this life also brings you into the risk of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and heart.

Healthy drinks like green tea and warm mineral water can help you from the potential for diabetes.

7. Smooth blood flow

In addition to eliminate bad breath, green tea before going to bed is also able to smooth blood flow throughout the body. Blood smoothness will help put a lot of oxygen into the body including into the brain thus improving the performance of the body system.

The tremendous benefit of increasing blood flow is help your sex life get better. So, always drinking green tea before bed to get a good night’s sleep and other health benefits.