Kefir Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Kefir Health Benefits and Nutritional Value you need to know. Maybe for some people, kefir is a rare drink, but in western countries, the drink is very attractive because it contains a variety of health benefits. Vitamins and mineral in kefir make it as a beverage capable of addressing a variety of health complaints.

Kefir itself is quite similar to yogurt or probiotic drinks. Kefir is made from dairy ingredients, fermented. However, the natural benefits of kefir are much better than yogurt; kefir fermented for using more than 60 types of microbes. While regular yogurt only consists of little microbes. Kefir comes from the Turkish language which means “Keif” which means pleasant or unpleasant feelings.

Kefir has existed since centuries ago that originated from the Caucasus mountains in Persian. In fact, there is one type of drink (that allegedly is kefir) also listed in the Quran (the holy Muslim Book)

The Nutritional Value of Kefir

As one health drinks, kefir has many vitamins and minerals and also has some of the material compositions. Here is the composition of kefir:

  • Bacterium
  • Yeast
  • Amino acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B 1 and B12
  • Vitamin K
  • Lactic acid

25 Kefir Health Benefits

With abundant content, of course, kefir has many uses. Here are some kefir health benefits:

1. Healthy digestive organs and improve digestion

Kefir health benefits for digestive enormous because this healthy beverage contains good bacteria and microbes that work digestion. Moreover, is also able to launch the process of digestion. So the risk of experiencing gastrointestinal disorders will be reduced.

2. Fix the bile and pancreatic function

The content of the good bacteria in kefir can optimize the function of the bile and pancreatic. So the health benefits of kefir cannot be underestimated

3. Anti-inflammatory

The kefir health benefits too visible in preventing inflammation. So kefir into a natural ingredient that is magnificent at treating the infection and inflammation of the body organs

4. Improve motoric functions

Kefir also can improve motor function in the body. This happens because kefir can optimize the absorption of nutrients for the brain and nerves.

5. Anti-toxin and anti-bacterial

The kefir health benefits as anti-poison drinks. Kefir is a drink that can fight the bacteria and toxins in the body. Then the health of the world strongly recommends consuming these beverages as health carers.

6. Preventing pneumonia

Preventing pneumonia and inflammation of the lungs are the other benefits of kefir drink. This is because the kefir drink is anti-inflammatory.

7. Preventing and reducing the symptoms of asthma

The kefir health benefits in maintaining respiratory health are also very high. These drinks can relieve the symptoms of shortness of breath or asthma. Regularly consume kefir will overcome the problem of narrowing of breathing so that you can breathe with relief.

8. Good for lowering blood sugar levels

Furthermore, kefir is also very beneficial for diabetics. Kefir can lower blood sugar levels so that a beverage suitable for consumption.

9. Heal and overcome bronchitis

This is another kefir health benefits. Aside from being a drug for inflammation of the lungs and asthma, the drink is also great for overcoming bronchitis.

10. Relieves influenza

The kefir health benefits to overcome the flu or influenza. It is anti-bacterial drink then it can be reliable in mitigating influenza. Flu disruption caused by germs and bacteria in the body.

11. Prevent and treat piles or hemorrhoids

Health benefits of kefir are excellent for your digestion. One nice benefit of this is that it can prevent and treat hemorrhoids or Ambien conditions you experienced.

12. Preventing heart disease

Kefir is beneficial in heart walls to thicken, and then kefir believed to be beneficial in preventing coronary heart disease.

13. Improving and Optimizing renal function

The kefir health benefits for a kidney. Kidneys are vital organs in the body that perform various filtering toxins. Thus, health must be maintained by eating a healthy diet and helps health. One sweet drink is kefir. Kefir can maintain kidney health so that it can function properly.

14. Accelerate wound healing and blood clotting

Aside from being a drink for kidney, kefir also has benefits for wound healing. The content of vitamin K in the kefir will accelerate blood clotting so quickly heal wounds.

15. Good for your gut health

The Kefir health benefits to the gut are also very much, such as maintaining regular bowel function normally because milk drink kefir contains probiotic bacteria as in yogurt.

16. Preventing osteoporosis

Kefir is a drink that is loaded with vitamin K that could be beneficial to your bones. K vitamin is not only for blood clotting but also prevents calcification of the bone and prevent osteoporosis.

17. As an alternative for allergic to cow’s milk

Kefir is good healthy milk for those who are allergic to cow’s milk. Has been checked several times that kefir is safe for consumption by those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

18. Increase in metabolism

The kefir health benefits in increasing metabolism have been proven that this is the recommended beverage to drink, especially for those who want to lose weight or burn fat.

20. Optimizing cardiovascular health

Drink kefir is also exquisite for your heart health. Kefir can maximize the work of the heart and the function of your heart.

21. Good for skin beauty

Kefir benefits not only to resolve problems in the body but also to address the problems outside. The kefir health benefits are also important to lighten the skin and maintain skin moisture, so you look more beautiful.

22. Optimize the absorption of nutrients

Consume kefir is known to optimize the absorption of nutrients so that those of you who want to consume this drink, your body will nutrient well.

23. Lowers bad cholesterol

Furthermore, the health benefits of kefir are considered essential for those who experienced an increase in bad cholesterol. Consuming kefir regularly will reduce levels of bad cholesterol and provide good health for the heart.

24. Keeping blood pressure

Kefir is also a healthy drink that can overcome the blood pressure. For those who are potential for blood pressure, you can drink kefir every day.

25. Contains antioxidants and free radical scavengers

Kefir is a wonderful source of antioxidants. Then the Kefir benefits are enormous because it can counteract free radicals. Means consuming kefir regularly can keep your youthful appearance and avoid premature aging.