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14 Health Benefits of Yogurt

To day, we will talk about health benefits of yogurt as a healthy food that most popular now? If you feel interest, let read till the end. Yogurt has a strong flavor, smooth and slightly sour. However, behind all of tremendous health benefits. Now, yogurt is a very popular food both among children or adults. For those of you who already start to eat this healthy food, read also this article to the end to know more about yogurt benefits.

However, if you have not started eating yogurt, you should continue reading this article because we will provide information about the benefits of yogurt for health.

Yogurt is a healthy food that contains some good bacteria which is important in killing evil microorganisms in the body. Here are ten health benefits of yogurt, as reported by detik.com.

Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt

1. Easily digested

Yogurt can be a meal replacement for those with lactose intolerance because some allergies. Yogurt consumed will create lactase that are beneficial to increase the absorption of lactose, for those of you who have an intolerance to lactose.

2. Maintaining bone health

Then, the benefits of yogurt is maintain bone health. Yogurt contains much vitamin D and calcium that are beneficial for maintaining bone health.

Consuming yogurt in a day will provide maximum impact in the maintenance of bone loss or osteoporosis.

3. Contains good bacteria

Yogurt is food that contains active cultures and life. When you eat yogurt, then the probiotics will stay in your digestion and kill all evil microorganisms that can cause damage to the body’s digestive system.

Amazing Health Benefits of Yogurt

4. Stabilize blood pressure

Yogurt is not only as a source of calcium but also a source of potassium, which is very good at keeping the stability of blood pressure. This means that eating yogurt is also useful for preventing high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

5. Keeping skin beauty

The health benefits of yogurt are not only limited to health problems alone but also plays a role in maintaining the skin’s beauty. Lactic acid present in yogurt are acting as an exfoliator who will get rid of dead skin cells.

Use yogurt for beauty is not only a way to eat, but yogurt can also use as a facial mask who will smooth your face.

6. Contains many nutrients

The benefits of yogurt can not be separated from a high nutrient content therein. In one serving of yogurt at least contains potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B5, zinc, iodine, and riboflavin.

It also contains vitamin B12 that are good for keeping the red blood cells and keep the nervous system.

7. For Boosting immunity

Immunity is essential for the body to maintain themselves against various viruses and bacteria that cause disease. You, who consumed yogurt every day on a regular basis will be able to increase the body’s immunity naturally.

Probiotics in yogurt will stimulate white blood cells to fight infection in the blood.

8. Maintain intestinal health

Yogurt for Maintain intestinal health

Furthermore, health benefits of yogurt are maintaining the intestinal health. Active cultures in yogurt will relieve certain conditions in the gut such as lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, cancer of the colon and bowel disease.

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9. Reduce the risk of fungal infections

Based on recent studies say that eating yogurt is beneficial to alleviate and reduce fungal infection of the vagina.

10. Lose weight

This health benefits of yogurt is much loved by everyone. Based on a study that conducted in the International Journal of Obesity in 2005 said that taking calcium through yogurt can stimulate the body to use stored fat, so the body does not work to produce new fat.

It is certainly very useful for those of you who are on a diet.

11. As a good source of protein

Yogurt can be said to be a good source of protein for health. But not all yogurt contains the same protein because this depends on the ingredients of the yogurt itself.

The yogurt with the highest protein value is Greek yogurt. So, if you want to get a lot of protein, try eating Greek yogurt.

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12. Yogurt is healthy for heart

Research says that yogurt is a sugar and fat free food. So eating yogurt provides benefits for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing HDL. Adequate levels of HDL or good cholesterol can provide heart health benefits.

13. Prevents pubic infection

Diabetes, until now there is still no cure, so it is said to be a permanent disease. If it occurs in women, one of the bad effects that often occurs is infection of the genitals.

For that, yogurt is a good food to prevent this problem. Regular consumption of yogurt can prevent and minimize these infections.

14. Benefits of yogurt to remove facial wrinkles

Benefits of yogurt to remove facial wrinkles

For those of you who want to look beautiful and healthy, often consume high-protein foods such as yogurt.

Consuming yogurt regularly can reduce wrinkles on the face. This result is very significant and you will look younger again.