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Ingrown Fingernail – The Easy Way to Treat It

Do you suffer from Ingrown Fingernail? Nails that grow abnormally, aka grow into the skin layer are a problem. This is very painful and annoying. There are a number of factors that influence why your nails grow ingrown. Including the causes if you cut your nails improperly, your habit of biting your nails, stunted growth or too fast nail growth, can also occur due to a fungal infection.

These are just some of the causes, there are other things and problems that can also cause your nails to grow abnormally inward. Ok, now we will talk about some herbal remedies or traditional remedies for this unnatural growth of nails.

How to Treat Ingrown Fingernail Traditionally

There are several traditional ways you can try to stimulate your nails to grow normally (for those of you who have ingrown nails). Some of these drugs include those that you can easily get at home.

1. Use warm water

Warm water is not only good for drinking, but also very good for several natural remedies such as treating nails that grow against the skin layers. Soak your nails in warm water for 20 minutes twice a day. This treatment will reduce swelling caused by the tip of the nail hitting the skin layer.

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After doing the treatment by dipping your fingers in warm water, you have to dry your fingers with a towel or other material. Leaving your fingers wet can exacerbate your problem by stimulating the growth of fungi and so on.

2. Using cotton

Next, you need to use cotton under the edge of the nail that you just soaked. This is important for providing lift to the nails. Do this every time you soak your nails in warm water. Do this as often as possible so that your nails can grow through your skin.

Actually, the method at point number one also aims to soften the nails so that they are easy to lift. After lifting, you use a cotton swab under the edge or tip of the nail to prevent the tip of the nail hitting the skin.

3. Using vinegar

How to treat Ingrown Fingernail is also good by using vinegar water, this is good to try, especially on nails that have injured the skin layer and infected. Mix water and vinegar with 4: 1.

Next, you need to soak your nails in a vinegar solution, leave it there for 15-20 minutes. After soaking, dry your nails well and do this treatment every other day.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide or H2O2

How to treat ingrown nails can also use Hydrogen Peroxide. This is a very effective ingredient in treating abnormal growths of nails. It is known as an excellent disinfectant which is great for a variety of problems involving the skin and nails.

To start a treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide, get 35% food grade H2O2. Just take two tablespoons and dissolve it in half a bucket of water. Then dip your nails in the water and soak them both for 20 minutes. Using Hydrogen Peroxide can soften the skin and relieve the pain that occurs when the nails hit the skin layer. After soaking the nails for 20 minutes, dry them well using a clean paper towel or towel.

5. Using Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal essential oil that is often used traditionally to treat Ingrown Fingernail. This essential oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties so it is known as a powerful herbal remedy for treating and healing ingrown nails.

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Take warm water and mix it with a few drops of Tea tree oil, and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes there. Routine this treatment twice a day or thrice.

Another way that is no less effective in curing the problem of infection in ingrown nails is to use a mixture of olive oil with tea tree oil. After that, gently massage the infected area using Tea tree oil.

When this oil mixture soaks into the skin, it softens the skin and relieves aches and pains due to infection. Use this home remedy regularly every day to get immediate recovery.

If you are worried about skin care like this, then you should consult a local doctor or consult a verified doctor online.