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100 Health Benefits of Life Plant

Health benefits of Life plant – Life plant is a household plant originating from Madagascar. This plant has many names such as Bryophyllum pinnatum, air plants, miracle leaf, goethe plant. Life plant or Bryophyllum pinnatum live in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It belongs to the Crassulaceae family with a thick leaves, watery stem and a thick, watery leaf. This makes them possible to survive in dry or dry climates.

There are interesting things to know about life plant. It is an antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antihistamine and anaphylactic content therein. Thanks to this content, the health benefits of life plant are amazing. This trait prevents health problems such as headaches, abscesses, high blood pressure, and overcoming swelling. The problem of menstrual cramps, asthma and sinus can be overcome by consuming tea stem and leaves plant life. The health benefits of plant life are also powerful for cleaning the bladder and toxins in the gut.

Know the Life Plant

Life plant is a magical plant that can grow up to 1-2 meters. This is a commonly used herb in the tropics such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, America and Brazil. As we said above, this plant grows well in tropical and subtropical regions. A very clear sign is a hollow stem, green, red, flexible, bare, thick, and tasty.

Know the leaf of life plant

The leaves are long and wide with the size 5-25 cm X 2-12 cm. At the top have complex joints, while in that the leaves appear simple. In one tree usually have 6-7 leaves.

The edges of the leaves are jagged and usually on the edge of the leaves grow new seeds. These seeds (small crops) will fall on their own gradually and will grow into new plants.

Know the Flower of Life Plant

The flower of this plant blooms over the stem at the very top. The color is reddish to greenish. The flowers grow long up to 7 cm. The flowers usually appear in spring and winter.

life plant health benefits

History of Life Plant

Life Plant or Bryophyllum pinnatum is native to Madagascar. This plant can also be grown in South Africa like Macaronesia, parts of Asia, Polynesia, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, Galapagos Islands, West Indies, Melanesia, Hawaii and Mascus. If you go to India, you can find this plant in Khasi hills of Assam, Kashmir, and Himalayan region. The incredible health benefits of plant life cause these plants to grow all over the world.

Health Benefits of Life Plant (Bryophyllum Pinnatum)

1. Treating kidney stones

To treat kidney stones make the potions with 40-50 ml of this plant and mix with pure honey. Use for morning and evening. This Ayurveda Potion can treat gallstones easily.

2. Overcoming urinary disorders

Treating the bladder is by making a leaf juice life plant (Bryophyllum Pinnatum). This juice is very good and effective to cure bladder disorders. For male urine problems, make 40-60 ml of its decoction with 2 gm. Honey mixed in it. Consume this herb twice a day.

3. Treating boils

The health benefits of life plant are also magical for boils. Warm the leaves slightly and smash them until smooth. Bind to areas affected by boils and swelling.

4. Leukemia Curbs

Give 5-10 drops of this magic leaf extract, do it twice a day. It is beneficial for blood cancer.

5. Treating vaginal problems

If women experience the flow on the vagina then immediately use the greatness and benefits of life plant. Give 40-60 ml decoction with 2 gm. Honey mixed in it and give it twice daily.

6. Treats Headache

Furthermore, the health benefits of life plant is to treat headaches. Destroy the leaves and stick them on the forehead. Drugs can help you get rid of headaches.

7. Treating eye pain

Create a life plant extract and apply it to the eye circle. This herb will treat the pain in your white eyes.

8. Treatment for Wounds

The wound you have also can be treated with the leaves of this plant. Warm the leaves and mash until smooth, then apply to the wound. This herb will speed up heal wounds and minimize scars.

9. Treat bleeding diarrhea

Give 3-6 gm and Bryophyllum Pinnatum leaf juice with cumin seeds and enter also ghee. Give this herb twice daily for the patient. He will control the blood when diarrhea.

10. Heal whiteness

Furthermore, the health benefits of life plant is to control whiteness. Make a herb from the leaves of this magical plant and drink twice a day. It is will delay the blood flow in the blood vessels.

11. Good for the liver

Bryophyllum pinnatum is beneficial for liver health. So, this plant can cure illness quickly.

12. Treat ear pain

If you have earache, take a leaf juice and apply it to the affected area.

13. Helps heart health

The herb from this magical plant is also very good for improving heart health. It is will maintain the health of this most important organ.

14. Treating coughs and colds

If you have cough and common cold, just use the juice from the leaves of Life plant. Beside that, This magic herb can also treat asthma.

15. Diuretic Benefit

One of the health benefits of life plant is as a diuretic. Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf juice can cure urinary problems. Drink this leaf juice twice a day and urine disorder will soon heal.

16. Treating toothache

Furthermore, the health benefits of life plant is as a traditional medicine toothache. Because anti-virus, anti-bacterial so it’s can calm your toothache.

17. Anthelmintic action

Bryophyllum pinnatum or Life Plant is a plant that can effectively remove intestinal worms. Make a decoction of leaves of Life Plant, mix with a little honey and drink twice a day.

18. Antipyretic property

Thanks to it’s extraordinary content, life plant can treat fever. A fever is a condition when the body temperature is above 38 degrees. It is the body’s work against viruses and bacteria. Eating leaf juice will help the body quickly fight the virus causes fever.

19. Helpful for diabetics

Benefits Bryophyllumpinnatum can control diabetes. Boil this magic leaf potion and drink twice a day. This traditional medicine can lower your blood sugar.

20. Treating constipation

Dried Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves can be made as tea. The benefits of this tea is effective to cure constipation.

21. Treating chest cold

Warm the leaves of Life Plant and make it into juice. Put a little salt, take as much as one tablespoon and consume 3 times a day. Drink this herb until healed.

Health benefits of Life Plant

Other Health Benefits of Life Plant

Herbal tea from Life Plant leaves is very good to cure some diseases. Among the diseases that can be cured are shortness of breath, menstruation, asthma, cough, kidney failure, chest cold, and bronchitis.

In addition, the health benefits of Life plant is to cure insect bites, skin bruises and ulcers. Applying the back of the leaf can also soothe open wounds, stop bleeding, and prevent infection.

The next benefit is eliminating mucus and dirt in the body. The trick is soak the stems and leaves in the water. Drink that water every day. Fresh raw leaves can also be consumed directly, it is useful to treat asthma, intestine and bronchitis.