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How to Successfully Add Merchandising to Your Health Brand

When it comes to getting more out of your brand while simultaneously marketing your company to the wider public, there’s no better venture than a merchandising line. Every type of business can add a merchandising line. Bookstores, cafés, and even fashion brands do it regularly in order to one, boost their sales, and two, have happy customers out in the world repping their brand.

Your health brand can do it too. Don’t assume that just slapping your logo on some generic products will work, however. You need to really consider the design, the quality of the base materials, and even the company that you work with to bring your design to life. To help you get started, use this guide to bring your merchandising line to life:

Create Great Products

The first step to adding a merchandising line for your health business is to create the products in the first place. What you sell will entirely depend on what you offer. If, for example, you offer meal plans, then you’ll want to sell branded items that make eating easier. These can be reusable containers, tote bags, lunch bags, and so on. If you’re a fitness brand, you’ll want to sell gym clothes or a gym bag.

Regardless of what you sell, the first step to creating great products is to find a great supplier. You’re just customizing existing products, not creating whole new ones. Doing it this way cuts back on costs and effort. That said, you still need to put in some effort when it comes to who creates your clothing. Going to a high-quality supplier like Anthem Branding means taking advantage of high-quality base products and multiple customization options that will really bring your range to life.

Start backward. This means finding the supplier, getting the specs, and then creating designs that maximize the space. Once you’ve done that, put in a small order to begin with and get the ball rolling.

Add An Additional Page to the Checkout Process

When online shopping, you’ll want to add one additional step to the checkout process. This means having a final page that suggests key products that may be of interest to the shopper. The recommendations shouldn’t just be products from your merchandising store, either.

Customize your website so that certain products are always recommended when one item or another is in the basket. For example, you can recommend your branded shirt, another flavor of your supplement, or a case to carry whatever piece of equipment they’re buying. Keep the selection small, but targeted, to encourage final additions to the checkout basket.

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Market Your Merchandise

Have your employees or models wear your merchandise every time they’re either front of house, or have their photos taken for marketing purposes. This is a simple, easy way to boost your branding efforts and also how you can get your merchandising products out there for customers to see. If you design good-looking pieces, you may find customers buying these items on their own, just because they like the story they tell.

Tip: Put your branding second, and design first. You can create a beautiful shirt with a “GO VEGAN” message on it, and your branding second. This is how you can encourage more people to wear and rep your brand, all while boosting your own income.