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Smoking After Tooth Extraction, How Long Should I Wait?

If you do extract your wisdom teeth, stop smoking. At least you have to hold 5 days. Do you know the reason behind all that? Apparently, smoking after extracting your wisdom teeth can cause blood clots in that area. In turn, it causes a condition called dry socket.

Smoking After Tooth Removal Can Cause Dry Socket

What is a Dry Socket? This is an infection that occurs due to empty tooth sockets after tooth extraction. When blood clots are interrupted there, an infection appears. If the socket is dry, then you will experience a severe condition that sometimes lasts up to six days.

After you extract the wisdom teeth, your dentist will advise you to only consume soft foods and avoid drinking with a straw and forbid you to smoke. This aims to prevent the occurrence of blood clotting disorders in the place of wisdom teeth that have been removed. In addition, this also speeds up the recovery of your condition.

Smoking After Tooth Extraction Can Slows Healing

If you do not hear the advice of your surgeon, you are likely to have difficulty recovering. Smoking after extracting wisdom teeth will cause shrinkage of blood vessels. This will supply a little oxygen to the injured area.

In addition, the danger of smoking can also attract carbon monoxide into blood cells. The effect is to reduce overall oxygen levels. If oxygen is supplied to the area of ​​the wound a little, and the nutrients that arrive are too little then your healing process will be longer, even increasing the risk of infection with your gums.

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Did you know that cigarettes are made from chemical poisons that are bad for your healing. Not only that but if you smoke after extracting teeth, you are likely to experience complications that are difficult to cure. Cigarette smoke causes inflammation of the gums, this will certainly produce tremendous pain. The complications we mean are dry sockets. If this happens then you will experience extreme pain and even very difficult to open your mouth and your bad breath gets worse.