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6 Things You Should Think About Before a Strict Diet

Diet has now become the alternative for a lot of people are overweight or have excessive weight. For those of you who want to slim quickly, could you think of a strict diet. because the usual diet sometimes does not work for you. Indeed, a strict diet can quickly lose weight and make you slim, but before you take a decision you should think again about the diet you will do.

Strict diet will indeed give instant results, but you should think about going to the negative health effects will happen to your body. Want to know more, following the devastating impact of a strict diet for your health, as quoted from merdeka.com

Impact of Strict Diet for Health

1. The reaction of body slows down

The study revealed that a strict diet can negatively impact the body. You are doing this diet will only consume carbohydrates in small amounts. As a result, the body’s reaction will slow down because of brain function slows and underemployed.

2. The body will be fat instantly when the diet ends

Indeed, a strict diet can make a slim body in a short time, but you need to know that when your diet ends, the body will soon change the food that you consume as fat. It will make your body fat again even fatter than the previous time.

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3. Hair loss

Other bad things that happen to you on a strict diet is hair loss. When the nutrients your body needs is insufficient due to your diet, then the nutrients that need by hair also halted. It would makes the hair loss and the lost beauty.

4. Low blood sugar

Sugar in the blood needed to provide energy for the body, but in normal range. When you’re on a strict diet, the sugar will decrease so that the body often experience weakness and fatigue.

5. Stress

Adverse effects of strict diet also impact on mental health. Stress can occur in some cases from those who are running a strict diet. Sometimes, the body does not get a lot of nutrient so affected to person’s mental health. When a shortage of sugar and carbohydrates in your body the serotonin hormone that related to mental will also be influential.

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6. Indigestion

Furthermore, the people who do a strict diet will get indigestion. When an empty stomach, intestine that keep rubbing will give even stinging wounds in the stomach.

That is some danger of a strict diet. If you want to apply this diet in your life, try to re-think of the impact in your health. A good diet is a diet that is done slowly by eating healthy foods in a balanced portion. Strict diet give bad impact and danger to the body.