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Seven Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

We’ve all heard the negative stories about how smoking one puff of cannabis will turn anyone into a drug-addicted psychopath for life. Isn’t marijuana meant to be beneficial to your health? We’ve answered this question with seven benefits that come from smoking this mysterious, ancient plant.

Improved Lungs

Smoking a cigarette may not be a great choice for your respiratory system. The same statement is untrue for anyone inhaling the fumes from a joint of marijuana. This odd fact is even more surprising once we learn that the lungs of a cannabis smoker are often in better condition than those belonging to a non-smoker.

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A report made in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that researchers discovered how this occurred. The long drag inhaled by weed users trained the respiratory system and enhanced it.

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Creativity Spike

In 2012, a consciousness and cognition study discovered the impact marijuana has on the creative thinking capabilities of users. The investigators measured two areas of imaginative thinking. Results show that a smoker’s divergent thinking and schizotypy levels become elevated when smoking cannabis.

From the test group of one hundred and sixty people, marijuana was shown significantly to increase the fluency of one’s speech. This improvement can also aid you if you’re learning a second language.

Potential Cancer Cure

Many governments around the world have acknowledged the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis. The notion came as a surprise for many as this plant was always perceived to be no more than a gateway drug.

The full effects of cannabis are not yet certain, yet many use marijuana as a way to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. Smoking weed can ease nausea and vomiting, as well as restoring lost appetite. Users will also notice their anxiety and pain decrease after consumption.

While it’s reported that marijuana does none of these as well as modern medicine, it helps with multiple side-effects suffered by chemo patients all at once. The plant opens the path for the development of more complex medicines, exploiting many other cannabinoids rather than just THC.

Safer Than Other Vices

Many of us enjoy drinking alcohol a little too much. Cannabis is perhaps the most harmless drug ever discovered, and studies have shown that it is 114 times safer than consuming alcohol.

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A Rehab Tool

While marijuana may be better to consume than alcohol, addictions to opioids or heroin are not. Fortunately, weed is an excellent gateway off of these unhealthy and life-threatening drugs. A medicine called dronabinol made from THC was found to be the most effective for this purpose.

The researchers at Columbia University discovered that patients who smoked marijuana were able to sleep better. They also felt less anxious and had better chances of working through their entire rehab course.

Other Symptoms

Smoking cannabis daily or consuming it in alternative ways impacts your health in many beneficial ways. The plant is shown to improve chronic illnesses such as High Blood Pressure and depression. It’ll also prevent muscle spasms, cramps, insomnia, seizures, stress, and fatigue.

The Variety

If you use marijuana as a medical supplement, it can quickly become dull and the flavor unpleasant. However, you can purchase many variations of  cannabis and grow them yourself. The flavors include specialties such as The Dream, or White Widow strains, which can be purchased as seeds from California marijuana seeds (https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/products/california-dream-feminized-marijuana-seeds).

Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Don’t Smoke Illegally

While the benefits may be fantastic, where you’re located will affect the laws surrounding cannabis. If you’re undergoing cancer treatment or suffer from pain or other ailments, speak to your doctor about it, and if necessary, ask about receiving a medical card or license for the use of marijuana.