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Benefits Of Brushing Teeth With Neem Stick

Benefits Of Brushing Teeth With Neem Stick. Neem sticks are one of the best natural ingredients to brush your teeth. This wood is better than using a modern brush with toothpaste. Before the existence of a toothbrush like now, Indians had already used a neem stick to clean their teeth.

Neem wood is very healthy and good for teeth. Now there are still many people who use neem wood for this purpose, let alone they know that using this wood is healthy for teeth.

About the advantages of neem sticks, some research says that brushing teeth with a neem stick is better in maintaining healthy teeth because it can reduce certain problems in teeth.

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Benefits of Brushing Teeth with Neem Stick

Neem sticks have more than 130 active compounds. That’s why using it is very healthy for teeth. Neem Leaves, seeds, bark, wood, fruit, roots, flowers, and twigs are said to be beneficial. Neem contains anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, anti malaria, anti-septic, anti virus and antioxidants.

Here are some surprises about the role of neem in maintaining dental health as well as the facts around it.

How neem works

Neem twigs are chewed, the wood containing this medicine in this process the corner of the twig will form like a bristle brush. They are ready to clean the sidelines of your teeth with clean.

Contains anti microbial

The antimicrobial content of neem twigs is useful to prevent plaque formation. In addition, the bitterness can eliminate bad breath.

Whiten teeth

Furthermore, the benefits of brushing teeth with neem stick is to whiten teeth. Using chemical bleaching has the potential to damage teeth. But using neem woods only provides benefits without side effects.

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How to Use Neem

The neem twig used is small and flexible. The length is usually about 15 cm. Do not forget to peel the skin, chew on one part of the twig. When fiber twigs are formed, then you are ready to use it as a toothbrush. This brush works like a brush that will clean between your teeth.

Benefits of chewing neem twigs

The process of chewing on the twig is important not only to form brushes, but also to release medications present in neem fibers.

So, the saliva produced when chewing the neem will become an anti-bacterial ready to keep the mouth and teeth.

Be careful using neem

Indeed, brushing teeth with neem stick is helpful and good for health. However, you should be careful in using it, so that the hard fiber does not hurt your gums. After brushing your teeth, spit in the fibers that stick to your teeth.

The use of neem twigs just for once, after you brush your teeth, split neem twigs and use to clean the tongue and blow the mucus on the tongue. It also helps eliminate bad breath.