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10 Global Health Trends for 2019

The year is gradually unfolding into individuals choosing to lead a health-conscious lifestyle. People are putting their health first and seeking to exercise more and eat better. It contributes to general wellness and abundance of life. Over the previous years, a new diet or health product might have been making waves online. In 2019 the trend isn’t any different. The year has become filled with various global health trends. Below are some of them

1. DNA testing at home

Here’s one popular health trend that has made it to the mainstream due to frequent advertisements as well as availability. One can easily purchase a kit online or at a retail store and service for paternity. You get to pay for the package, which has all the relevant DNA-collection materials. Later, you get to spend a different fee when you have performed the test as you wait for the samples to get submitted at home. DNA samples that get sent include saliva, blood drops, or cheek swabs. You can quickly learn all the mechanics of DNA testing at home by visiting bitrebels.com. You can also look at various at home test kit reviews to see what people are saying.

2. Fat fasting for weight loss

The keto diet has been making waves in the global health trends. Another item that’s trending in 2019 is the intermittent fasting. There are various popular forms of IF. One of them is fasting for 16 hours and having an 8-hour eating window. Its commonly referred to as 16:8. In simple terms, you can begin eating at midday and stop at 8 pm. However, people often experience some small issues to do with hunger. Not to worry, there are some drinks allowed during the fasting window. It needs to be drinks that don’t spike the blood sugar levels. It’s a phenomenal diet to lose body fat quickly.

3. Cutting down on alcohol

People are taking a stand to minimize alcohol intake. Abstaining can be difficult. But with dedication and commitments quite possible. Are you looking for tips to cut down on alcohol [dead link removed]? In 2019, individuals are replacing cocktails with non-alcoholic beverages. The search for sober living is skyrocketing. Alcohol has become linked to various lifestyle illnesses such as liver cancer, cirrhosis, and worst case it causes death. As the holidays are approaching the trend is growing, and others are seeking to choose a life of sobriety.

4. Nutrients for the brain

Finding the new batch of natural cognitive supplements is trending. Over the years, people begin to lose precious memory. Without proper exercise, the brain starts to lose its functionality. There are various drinks in the natural nootropic which address problems to do with poor memory, lack of focus, anxiety as well as brain fog, among other conditions.

Cognitive nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining concentration, enhance reaction time as well as lessen any mistake made. It’s always essential to better brain health. To gain more insights, you can read more on gaurdian.com concerning ‘the smart way to better brain health.’

5. Spiritual healing

Healing instead of working out is a global health trend currently. In 2019, individuals are focused on balancing their general wellness. Various healing methods focus on energy healing. They include facial and beauty treatments. Others are engaging in rituals as well as crystals. There are multiple benefits of spiritual healing, and you can learn about them at energyhealersteve.com. Various spas, as well as wellness centers, understand the importance of spiritual healing in handling the stressful lives of their clients. It comes as no surprise that people are choosing spiritual healing over working out

6. Sleeping

Sleeping times has become a very severe topic currently. The importance of good res can’t become ignored. One must get enough sleep to remain healthy and active. You can read more on the ultimate guide to sleeping well here at medium.com.

Lack of sleep can be a result of stress, sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, among others. There’s various medication to help with this. However, it needs to be under the directive of a trained medical sleep professional. Never compromise when it comes to sleeping.

7. Oat milk

Are you allergic to dairy products? Worry not. There’s an alternative. It’s oat milk. One may shy away from this due to not understanding the full benefits. However, you can learn more here, popsugar.com. It’s a vegan beverage that’s becoming a global health trend. It’s not only environmentally friendly but also contains plenty of healthy nutrients. It can somehow taste close to regular milk while comparing to almond milk.  Its nut-free thus no need to worry about any nut allergies

8. Hemp products and CBD

The legalization of medical marijuana has become quite popular. In the process, it has opened avenues to hemp and CBD products. These products have their endocannabinoid system, which fuses with the human ECS to offer significant benefits. To name a few, they are used as chronic pain relievers, assist in anxiety, stress, and depression, among other conditions. To get these benefits and so much more, you need to understand everything to do with hemp. You can click here hempika.com to learn everything you ought to know

9. Fitness aids

Technology has made it possible for individuals to have wearable as well as smartphones to keep tabs on their exercise regime. Are you wondering what these fitness aids are? You can click here interestingengineering.com to know the best and latest technology to improve your fitness and health. Fitness trackers continue to trend.

An example is a fit-bit. The devices can track daily steps, heart rate as well as sleeping patterns. Wearable technology is trending as its quite useful in leading a healthy lifestyle.

10. The Mediterranean diet

Here another global health trend in 2019. The menu focusses on plant-based meals such as veggies, whole grains, and fruits. It also involves replacing butter with healthier fats such as olive oil. There are so many benefits of taking the Mediterranean diet, thus the popularity. You can read more concerning the benefits of thesini.com. You will also get great insights concerning eating healthy and enjoying yummy meals. The diet is trending as it’s entirely among the most natural foods to follow. It’s also great for the cardiovascular system and improves longevity.

Having a look at global health trends is quite fascinating. It’s a chance to see which trends are worth to pick and implement. Before trying any trend, including home DNA testing, it’s vital to look at home test kit reviews and see what people are saying.