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4 Substitute for Brown Sugar

Substitute for brown sugar  – Red sugar is a moist sugar and has a strong aroma compared to other sugars. So, brown sugar is often used for grilling. Well, when you do not have brown sugar or run out, you can try grilled fish, roast beef using one of the substitutes brown sugar.

Substitute for Brown Sugar

1. Make Your Own

Red sugar is sugar derived from sugar cane that is seasoned with molasses. This is another product of sugar. You can make your own by adding 1-2 tablespoons of molasses in a cup of sugar.

2. White sugar

White sugar is very different from brown sugar. So, replacing brown sugar with white sugar will have a different and light taste. This will change your baked taste. However, it is easy in using it.

3. Sugar drops

Sugar drops are not recommended for your baked cooking. However, this can be a substitute for sauce, and rub. Molasses drops will add typical, how to use it should be gradual, add as much as you need. Remember! if you want to add white sugar, just add to it.

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4. Honey

Furthermore, the substitute for brown sugar is honey. If you do not have sugar cane, white sugar, you can try honey. Honey is a natural sweet bee from bees that have benefits and extraordinary benefits for health. Adding honey will definitely give a different taste to your dish but delicious.

For roasting, you are only advised to use honey under one cup (replace one cup of brown sugar)

Those are some substitutes for brown sugar that you can try. If you want to bake, glazes, just use any of the above types of sugar if you run out of brown sugar. Anyway, your grilled food should be served at the dinner table.