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10 Ways on How to Stop Thinking about Food

Do you often think about food? Thinking about food sometimes makes us want to snack and eat more food than usual. today we will talk about how to stop thinking about food. When you are relaxing with your family, sometimes you think about wanting to snack and eat a variety of foods. Especially when you are stressed, of course many other things will divert your attention to food.

Take it easy, if you often turn your attention to food or want to eat a variety of fruit and other foods, this is normal and normal for you.

It is normal to eat food as a reaction to your emotions such as when you are bored, or angry and stressed. But use our constant attention to food or want to snack continuously. So this is something that will have a negative impact on you and can take away your well-being.

You need courage and strength to stop thinking about food over and over. For that you need to think clearly and find other things in your life to divert your desire for food. Luckily, nutritionists suggest that you shift your focus to food so you can stop thinking about food.

20 How to stop thinking about food

1. Take a walk

Going out of the living room, out of the kitchen or taking a walk in the park or jogging are positive activities that can take your mind off the craving to eat. Hunger sometimes comes due to boredom or stress, so by jogging or other sports we can get rid of boredom so there is no hunger. Walking in the park can divert your mind and entertain you.

So take a walk, with a leisurely walk we can spend a lot of time with the environment and think about something that can eliminate the desire to eat.

2. Sit near the window and busy yourself reading a book

Changing your sitting position or sitting location can sometimes change your attention. Find a comfortable seat like a window with a comfortable view, and read books as your focus. This can keep you from thinking about snacks or meals.

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3. Listen to a podcast

How to Stop Thinking about Food with podcast

Busy yourself with podcasts can also get rid of the thought of wanting to eat from you. If there is a podcast that you haven’t heard yet, then try to listen to it and it can take your mind off your craving to eat.

4. Contact siblings, friends or parents

Before your thoughts get over your appetite and think hard about food, try contacting the people you care about or love. chatting with them over the phone can get rid of your negative feelings about food. Contact the people you love, and invite them to go out somewhere or do activities together.

Looking for a busy life like that can eliminate your cravings for snacking and keep your thoughts about food away.

5. Meditation

Meditate in a comfortable place such as on a roof, or on the wall of the house and then follow the hypnotist’s direction. This can get rid of your thoughts about the foods you always want to eat. Usually the hypnotist will direct you to meditate properly. If you have already taken a meditation class, then you can follow it yourself at your place.

Among the directions is “relax your jaw and let your tongue relax, slowly begin to expand your puriferal vision to cover the entire space there. Next, extend your vision to the side, to the ceiling and lower the vision to the floor. Always keep your eyes on the floor. that place, expand your vision even further so that you are aware of the space behind you. This meditation will immediately stop your internal speaking, stop the anxiety in you, and can calm your soul. You can do meditation anywhere and anytime .

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6. Get really good at doing something fancy

Take your time for something you’ve always wanted to do but never achieved. For example, you want to paint your nails, want to get better at trimming your beard, or want to cut your own hair in a new style. Try to take your time for these new things, take the time or take the time to be luxurious with yourself. This will give focus to your activities and can eliminate your feelings or thoughts about food.

7. Clean your refrigerator

How to stop thinking about food can also be done by trying to get through the refrigerator. Check your refrigerator and clean it if there are rotting things in it. You can clean the refrigerator once a week. Taking on activities like this is also great at relieving boredom and stress so you can stop thinking about craving snacking.

8. Do a puzzle or board game

Making puzzles or playing board games is an easy way to kill your time. This game can draw your focus and eliminate your desire for food. If you are stuck at home with friends or family, try to find a game that can silence your mind. This is very effective to keep your mind from thinking about food.

9. Rearrange your room

If you see your closet is messy or not in the right position. Then it’s time to reset your wardrobe. Rearrange your wardrobe so that it doesn’t make you nervous to see it. Fixing your cupboard or rearranging its contents can also ease your thoughts of craving for your favorite food.

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10. Create activities at night

You don’t have to play alone at home, you can invite your friends or you come over to their place to chat in front of a campfire while picking up good conversation topics. Relaxing and sharing stories is a great way to spend your evening with friends, if necessary accompany them with a warm cup of tea.