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Can You Freeze Watermelon? How to Freeze It

Watermelon is a healthy fruit that has many health benefits. You can use watermelon in a variety of wet foods such as smoothies or desserts, can also be an ingredient for various fresh drinks. To make a smoothie with watermelon you might have to change the texture by freezing it after it has been pureed. You can freeze watermelons if you want to make a smoothie, unlike the case if you want to enjoy watermelon naturally as a thirst remover in the morning.

Can you freeze watermelon? The correct way to freeze watermelon cubes is to do them separately or one by one. When it freezes, move it to another place such as freezers bags. This makes your task easier because the watermelon pieces are sure not to stick together. Simply take a few handhelds to make smoothies. If you really want to make a smoothie from watermelon, or want to know how to freeze watermelons and things related to this problem, read on, this article, because we will explain it.

What Equipment You Need to Freeze Watermelons

If you have the right equipment, freezing watermelon is very easy for you to do. The following are equipment that needs to be prepared to freeze watermelons.

  1. Sharp knives, useful for removing watermelon skin and cutting watermelons
  2. The pan is circled
  3. Silicone cake mat or cake pad, of course that is safe for the freezer
  4. Plastic package
  5. Freezer containers, containers that are safe for the freezer, pay attention to BPA
  6. Permanent markers and freezer labels.

How to Freeze Watermelon

  1. Remove the watermelon skin, remove the seeds, cut the watermelon in the shape of a cube the size of a dice
  2. Arrange the watermelon cubes in a pan that has been coated with a silicone baking sheet. You can use a silicone baking sheet or bread paper that is safe for the freezer.
  3. Then, close the pan which already contains watermelon dice with plastic wrap. Put it in the freezer and make sure it is flat so that it does not fall when opening the freezer.
  4. Wait until the watermelon cube is frozen if it’s frozen, it’s time to move it into the freezer box or closed container.
  5. Write a label and date on the outside of the container with a marker. Put it back in the freezer.

Frozen Watermelon is Perfect for Smoothies and Sorbet

Freeze watermelon dice are perfect for input into your smoothies. This makes your smoothie thick and cold and sweet. The remaining watermelon can be kept in the freezer if you miss a thick sweet drink, you can just take a few watermelon cubes and put it into your glass or put it in a glass blender with other smoothies.

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Apart from completing your smoothie, frozen watermelon is also good for making other frozen drinks that are the same as watermelon sorbets. You can use Swirlio, Dessert bullet, and Yonanas. You simply add some types of frozen fruit into the Yonanas, Swirlio like watermelon, bananas, or mango slices. This will be an amazing dessert for you and your family.