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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for Men

Stretch marks are rupture of muscle tissue due to rapid muscle growth. As a result arises long lines in the area. Stretch marks can occur in men or women. In women, Stretch marks usually occur in the abdomen during pregnancy, due to swelling of muscles around the abdomen. In addition to the stomach, Stretch marks can also occur on the thighs. Men who experience drastic muscle growth also experience this. However, you do not have to worry because there are treatments that can eliminate male stretch marks.

To get the medicine to get rid of Stretch marks quickly, talk to your dermatologist. There is usually a chemical drug used on the skin that has a Stretch mark. The use of such chemicals should be repeated several times each month to remove Stretch marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for Men

In addition, one way to remove Stretch marks for men is using laser therapy. This treatment is effective to get rid of Stretch mark. Laser light works by breaking the scar pigment and eliminating it. The light also stimulates the growth of collagen that makes your skin tight evenly and look younger.

Microdermabrasion. Treatment technology for Stretch marks by removing the upper skin layer and make your skin irritated. This process makes the Stretch mark less visible and will get rid of it gradually. Not only eliminates Stretch marks, but also improves skin tone so that the scratch of the skin looks blurred.

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Using a Retin-A prescription. Ask for a dermatologist to prescribe a retin-A. It is a cream that promotes the growth of skin cells so that old skin cells are immediately replaced with new skin. Scars and Stretch marks can be removed within a few weeks thanks to regular use of Retin-A.

Hydroxy acid. How to fade stretch marks for men using hydroxy acid. These substances help renew top layers of skin, in turn making the skin look fresh and firmer. Regular use of hydroxy acid can disguise the skin due to Stretch marks.

Using a scar ointment. Have you ever used a wound ointment to face stretch marks appearance? However, it does not immediately remove Stretch marks on mens skin, but if always used in conjunction with other treatments then the Stretch mark will fade and disappear gradually.

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Those are some effective treatment for removing Stretch marks for men. If he appears on the thigh you do not need to be too noisy because it is not in the public area. So, for the treatment can be done gradually.

Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks

To prevent stretch marks naturally, you can give attention to your health below. Below are some causes of stretch marks, by avoid them you can get rid from it. Always pay attention to skin care, weight loss can prevent stretch marks naturally.

1. Watch the weight

Significant weight gain or muscle growth is one of the causes of stretch marks. So like that for weight loss drastically. Pregnancy, puberty and muscle growth drastically need attention. You can maintain a balanced diet and keep fatty foods that trigger the growth of fat in the body.

2. Keep the body hydrated

Keep skins hydration to be one way to keep the body avoid from stretch marks. The skin that always hydrated will smooth and the risk of stretch marks is also reduced compared with dry skin. The recommended water for men health and women health in every day is 104 ounces and 72 ounces for women. So, Skin care is important to keep your skin stay on healthy.

3. Eat nutritious foods

Stretch also occurs due to malnutrition, so it is recommended to always consume nutritious foods that useful for the skin, among foods suitable for consumption to keep stretch marks are foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, and protein-rich foods.

4. Put vitamin C in your diet

Collagen is a compound derived from vitamin C, it is beneficial to keep skin supple and elastic. These foods will reduce the potential for stretch marks to appear. Among the foods rich in vitamin C are oranges, watermelon, and lemon.