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How To Heal Burns Fast, Home Remedies That Work

How To Heal Burns Fast using natural ingredients. We will present some home remedies to overcome and treat burn wounds. If the burn is mild, you can easily treat it using natural ingredients. But if the burn is serious you should get medical help quickly.

Serious burns can damage the tissues deeper than the body, can even damage the bones. Burns may occur due to burning, exposure to chemicals, sunlight, or due to hot liquids. Here’s how to treat burns quickly using home remedies.

1. Using onion

Onion is a powerful herb to treat some health problems, Indians and Africans have been using onions for treatment since thousands of years ago. This is all thanks to the presence of quercetin and alantonin compounds in onions. In addition, onions also contain anti-inflammatory that can cure arthritis. Mash the onion and apply on the skin. Another way you can do is boil the corn, ginger, onion skin, and then apply it to the burning skin.

2. Using water

Water is the most important ingredient in human health, including for burns as long as your skin is intact. In addition, burn wounds also make dehydration, so make sure you consume plenty of water.

3. Apples

If the burn you are experiencing is not as serious as blisters, you can use raw apple slices on the burning skin. In addition to apples, you can also smear pectin on the beet. This is in use on the second and third days after the burn, the goal is to avoid blister and scar occur.

4. Using Oats

To Heal Burns Fast, use a paste of oatmeal that has been mashed finely and mixed with water like pasta.

5. Green tea bags

How to heal burns quickly can also use green tea bags. The content of phytochemicals and tannins in green tea bags can soothe burns, use topically. Tannin is useful for creating a protective layer on the skin so as to cure infection quickly.

6. Chamomile tea

In addition to using green tea, chamomile tea is also powerful to treat burns. This should be used immediately after burns. Anti-inflammatory content will soothe skin tissue and reduce swelling.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber is a cold fruit, it can attract heat from the wound. Grate the cucumber and use it on the burned area of ​​the body.

8. Using ginger

Ginger also includes spices that can heal burns quickly. Ginger contains anti-bacterial and accelerate healing. In addition, it also contains substances that can ease the pain.

9. Liquid St. John’s Wort

Furthermore, to accelerate the healing of burns quickly, use St. John’s Wort. It has benefits and properties to heal burns. Put 2 tablespoons of this liquid into a cup of hot water. Wait until cool, use as a burn wash.

10. Lavender oil

Essential oils can also be used to treat burns and one of them is lavender oil. This oil is efficacious to relieve pain, soothe the skin, and speed healing.

11. Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes are also very good for soothing burns even speed healing. Grate 2 pieces of potatoes and apply on burnt skin.

12. Elderberry fruits

Fruit and elderberry fruit skin can also be a natural remedy to treat burns. Rub the fruit and skin on the burn to speed healing.

13. Apple cider vinegar

Dilute apple vinegar with water and soak the wound in apple cider vinegar. Another way you can do is soak the ACV bandages and apply to burns.

14. Plain yogurt

If you have burns, apply a plain yogurt as soon as possible, in addition to treating it can also stop the pain.