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How To Stop A Migraine

How To Stop A Migraine – Migraine is a headache that is more terrible than a regular headache. Migraines sometimes also cause nausea and vomiting. That’s all, this disease also makes a person experiencing sensitivity to light and sound. The throbbing pain in your head can paralyze your activity and even damage your productivity.

However, you do not have to surrender and wait for the miracle. If there is a medicine and can be handled, why not take it. But do not forget to pray to God, because He is a healer only.

Let See How To Stop A Migraine

Here are some steps that need to be understood when you are attacked by migraine. It’s important to you if you  get the same experiences in future.

First: Care Plan

When you get your head aching and it is indicated as a migraine, take immediate treatment before the migraine becomes severe. Among the plans you make is taking the medicine. So you have to know what drug can treat migraine, so it is cause panic when migraine attack.

Among the desire to consume drugs is to relieve pain, or heal it totally so you can move as usual. In this plan you should work with the doter who handles you, explain in detail about your health so that the healing can be done maximally.

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Second: Treatment Early

If you are attacked by migraine or a pulsating headache, take medication as soon as possible, this is to avoid getting worse. The American Headache Society suggests taking drugs during a headache attack. So, do not wait for you to get a full migraine, but may soon visit a doctor and take medicine.

The most important thing is to recognize the symptoms and indications, so you can act immediately to treat and fight it. Migraine symptoms can differ from one person to another. In general, the patient will experience the following:

  • Sensitive to light and sound
  • There are mood changes such as euphoria, anxiety and irritability
  • Difficult to consult
  • Cravings foods, especially food sources of carbohydrates
  • Yawn or tired

If you are already experienced with migraine, maybe you can immediately recognize the signs that will come migraine. So, you can directly be proactive and reactive in treating illness.

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Third: Find Out The Cause

Knowing the cause is very important in the migraine treatment process. If you already know the cause of migraine, you can take additional steps in migraine healing. In some cases, migraines also occur because a person has not eaten, can be triggered due to lack of food. When food is lacking, the blood sugar becomes low and hypoglycemia occurs.

Well, if migraines happen because you have not eaten, try eating something that can fill your stomach, then notice what happens.

Another external factor is dehydration. It can also cause headaches and aggravate your migraines. So, if you have not been drinking or have not supplied water enough today, then drink. Gently tug to avoid nausea and vomiting