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How to Cool Your Body During Summer

How to Cool Your Body During Summer

How to Cool your body during summer! It is already mid-April, we do not know exactly when the temperature will be turned into heat and cause sweating. Various preparations are usually prepared to welcome the summer. There are important things you should consider to keep you fresh in the summer.

Summer is usually regarded as a nightmare because of the hot temperatures that make the body hot. Perhaps the one thing that immediately imagine when the season is the “summer vacation” to cool the body and feel the damp.

Relax, you can cool your body during the summer without a vacation. From now on do not be scared of the summer. You can perform many activities that can keep your body cool and fresh.

How to cool your body during summer? Here we attach 7 simple ways you can do to keep your body cool.

How to Cool Your Body During Summer

1. Use a cotton pillow

One thing that is very difficult in the summer is to sleep at night. Warmer temperatures are usually very disturbing when sleeping. It is different if you use the AC. But for those who do not use the air conditioner, you can minimize the heat by using a cotton pillow, use a pillowcase of cotton instead of synthetic materials.

2. Using a natural moisturizing mask

Another way to maintain moisture during the summer is to use a moisturizing mask. One exquisite mask is a mask of Aloe Vera. Using Aloe Vera on your skin regularly can cool your body temperature.

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3. Sunscreen

No matter how strong your skin, you still need to sunscreen to keep the skin from ultraviolet rays attacking. You must use SPF perfectly so that your skin is free of black spots.

4. Light exercise

How to cool your body during summer can be done with a light activity that lights exercise. If you prefer to leave the house, try to soften in the morning when the temperature is still cold. You can do light exercise like yoga at this time. In addition to the morning, you can work at night to cool your body. Make a pool or street light at night to get the body cool.

5. Use summer clothes

During the summer, you should use a special outfit for the summer so your skin can breathe freely. Using thin loose clothing and let your body freely during the summer.

6. Avoid salty foods

During the summer your body tends to heat up, then you also have to pay attention to the food. Seafood curry or caffeinated beverages are things you should avoid. These foods can increase the heat in the body.

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7. Keep the body hydrated

Not soda or other energy drinks! But you should always meet your body with fresh water or white water like mineral bottles of water. If you exercise, try drinking sports drinks to keep your body well hydrated. If you like white water, then this is excellent for the body during the summer.

That list of important things to do in the summer. How to cool your body during summer is very easy to do. See one by one and apply with a simple point. Good luck!