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How to Get Rid of Neck Fat, 6 Simple Ways

How to get rid of neck fat – It is a frightening specter for some women. Every time you look in the mirror, neck fat makes you not confident with your beauty. Actually, this kind of neck arises from an unhealthy lifestyle. When you eat fatty foods regularly, do not exercise, then the formation of neck fat gradually formed and change your appearance.

So, if you can get rid of the neck fat, is there a certain food or exercise that can get rid of neck fat and restore your beauty as before? Of course you, because neck fat is formed from unhealthy foods, then you have to change your lifestyle, eliminate saturated fatty foods in your daily diet and do regular exercise. As simple as that? The theory is simple but the implementation is difficult. Here we provide the steps that you should do, including strong commitment to achieve goals. Want to get rid of fat neck? Read on in this article about exercises to get rid of fat.

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Set Goals and Strengthen your Willpower

The important thing is have the determination and commitment to achieve the goals. If you want to get rid of neck fat, then you must be prepared with all the challenges and what you should do. Many women do not succeed in losing fat on their body because they are not committed to the decision. If you have concluded not to eat fatty foods, then hold this strong commitment. Do not deceive yourself by undermining commitment. Remember! getting rid of neck fat takes longer.

If fat deposits in the thighs, upper arms, calves, stomach, hips may be health experts can take care of you by providing spot reduction therapy. However, if fat deposits in the neck, then there is no shortcut to remove it, you must be patient through the process.

Here are the efforts and steps that you must live. You have to change your lifestyle to achieve your goals, reducing the layer of fat on your neck can be a reality.

How To Reduce Neck Fat – Here’s 6 Simple Exercise

1. Change the way you eat

The important thing you should do to reduce neck fat is a balanced diet. We have some tips to help you, let’s see the following.

Actually, you do not need to cut fatty foods in your daily life, but you have to know how many servings you should eat. When in doubt, eat the smallest amount.

#a. Enter in your diet lean meats, whole grains, milk, vegetables, healthy fruits.

#b. Eating should be in small portions, so make it a habit to use small dishes

#c. Not only that, seeing a full meal in a small dish can affect your brain to control your food. This can change the amount and portion of your meal that can reduce the formation of fat.

2. No shortage of consuming water

Water is the most important component for the body, if the body lacks water, the various organs can not function properly. The skin will be slack, dehydrated and difficult for you to lose weight. The right amount of water in the body is important because it serves to get rid of toxins and decrease appetite.

In addition to sufficient water needs, avoid canned juice that has been mixed with various sweeteners. Prioritize to consume fruit instead of drinking sweet juice, the fruit has a natural taste that satisfy you. If you have to drink juice, avoid using sugar because sugar can accelerate the growth of fat. Also avoid drinking drinks that cause you dehydration like sweet tea, coffee and other sweet drinks.

If you have to drink coffee, drink natural bitter coffee without sugar.

3. Choose healthy carbohydrate foods

To lose neck fat, avoid consuming packaged foods that are processed in such a way. Packaged foods usually contain refined carbohydrates instead of healthy carbohydrates. So, when eating do not only emphasize the taste but much more important to pay attention to healthy food or not.

The best carbohydrates are derived from whole grains and vegetables. Eating such foods can help you lose weight. Avoid consuming too much white rice, if you want, red rice is much healthier for the health of the body.

4. Enter the lean meat in daily diet

Furthermore, losing neck fat relate to daily diet. So, eating meat also should be on the watch because it contains lots of fat, especially red meats such as beef. Avoid eating pork, no compromise.

#a. Lean meat such as chicken meat is much healthier to eat, and contains lean proteins that are good for muscle building.

#b. You should pay more attention to foods that are high in protein than fat

#c. Avoid foods with excess sodium because they are water retention, making it difficult to get rid of neck fat.

5. Avoid saturated fats

Saturated fat is a nutritious empty food, it just adds to your weight. Do you know how to avoid saturated fat? The simplest way is prevent yourself from consuming food packaging and fast food. Some of the unhealthy foods are factory-made foods such as frozen food and desserts, avoid packaged juices or canned juice.

6. Do not slouch while sitting

Are you one of those who sit in a hunchback position, from now on avoid sitting down bowed. Sitting like that affecting the fat on your neck and chin (double chin) and make the muscles around the neck become weak.

Research shows that sitting humpback causes fat deposition in the neck. So, this is a sitting position that can accentuate the fat around the neck.

Instead, sitting up straight in a straight position and rising head is a position that can accelerate the loss of fat multiples in your neck. I understand, this is a very trivial thing banu quite difficult for you guard. For that, keep watch when you want to sit so you can set a healthy sitting position and good to remove the fat neck.

Simple Exercises: How To Get Rid of Neck Fat

For the initial stage, you should do moderate exercise. Do the exercises slowly and follow your body rhythm. As energy gets bigger, increase your training. To obtain maximum results, do exercises at least 30 minutes / day, at least 3 times a week.

One thing you should note that doing neck muscle exercises does not cause maximum fat loss of the neck. So, combine with weight loss exercise to burn many calories.

More exercises to reduce fat loss are jogging, cycling, yoga and walking. This exercise is very helpful to get rid of neck fat. In addition, some good exercises are swimming, jumping rope, and kickboxing. These are also good for weight loss. Do it regularly to get a satisfactory result.

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Exercises For Toning Your Neck

Reduce the appearance of fat around the neck can be done by doing a simple neck muscle exercises. This exercise will disguise sagging skin and remove it slowly. Neck muscle training can be done anywhere and do not need special tools. If you are routine and diligent to exercise for toning your neck, your neck will look beautiful and fat free.

# 1. Sit up straight, move your neck up slowly and eyes gaze into the sky with your mouth closed. Tilt your neck and chew, do 30 seconds. Rest and do again up to 2 times or three.

# 2. Stand tall, cover your mouth and spread your lips as wide as possible. Tilt the head backward, hold for 30 seconds. Rest and do it again three times.

# 3. Sit up straight with the nape of the head straight and head tilted back. Move your lips slowly like you’re kissing. Perform this movement for 5 seconds. Return to the original position and repeat up to 10 or 15 times.

# 4. Sit up straight and open your mouth as wide as possible, cover the lower teeth with your lips, hold and contract up to 15 times.

Those are some exercises to reduce neck fat you can try at home, and let us know if you have succeeded. If you have other effective simple exercise to lose fat neck. Nothing wrong if you share with us.