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7 Healthy Food Trends This Year, You Need to Try

Everyone wants to try something new including the latest food that became the trend this year. The trend of food this year becomes the style of most people, maybe you too. It’s the same as the fitness trend that changes every year and always has its devotees.

Food is also like that, do you know what are the latest food trends this year that you should to try? With the internet you can easily find what kind of healthy food that became the trend this year.

However, you should know that food circulating in social media is not all healthy alias worth trying. Here we present some types of healthy food that became popular in this year and of course you should to try it. Healthy foods do not always have to be expensive, because most of the healthy food is cheap and can reach by anyone.

7 Healthy Food Trends This Years

The appetite for food can be different between everyone, but the following foods you should try because everything is healthy for the body.

1. Peanut Pasta

Are you one of the bean lovers? If so, then this is good news for you. Peanuts become popular food in 2016 and this year also keeps the popularity. This bean has a delicious taste, and is rich in protein and fiber.

So, provide peanut butter on your shelf like chickpeas fusilli, lentil elbows, edamame spaghetti and others.

2. Fermented foods

Furthermore, healthy food trend this year is fermented foods. Actually, this food has been popular in the past year, and is predicted this year will be more popular because more and more people are aware of their intestinal health. They like to consume foods that are useful intestine fermentation foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and these foods increasingly in demand.

This year you will see plenty of fermented foods available in the grocery store. Fermented foods are not only healthy but these foods also have a delicious flavor. For those of you who make a diet plan, you can add these foods to your list.

3. Stem Root cooking

Root cooking stem is now a food trend this year. It seems that now people no longer want to throw away part of the food such as broccoli stalks, beets and spinach leaf. As a result, food products from these ingredients are increasingly popular and often found in the food market.

Maybe you think that making food from this material will have an unpleasant taste. Whereas wrong, it is precisely this become one of the foods that you should try.

4. Veggie Chips

This is the healthy food trends  this year. We’re not talking about a veggie snack with absolutely no vegetable content. However, this is a pure vegetable plus a little salt and oil. Now many companies are offering vegetable chips like those made from sweet potatoes, kale or from spinach.

5. Seaweed

Other trend food is seaweed. The demand for seaweed is increasing. This is not no reason, seaweed is a healthy food in consumption especially for digestive health.

Seaweed contains many nutrients and contain few calories. You will see a variety of products appear with seaweed ingredients. Seaweed also one of the best foods for the brain.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is the best herb to complement the cuisine especially in Indian food. However, the popularity of turmeric is now also increasing in America as an ingredient for cooking.

The demand for turmeric last year in America was very high and this did not decrease its traffic this year. Many people are now increasingly aware of the benefits and efficacy of turmeric for health.


The food we have mentioned is an important healthy food in consumption. If you are aware of your health, of course you will try healthy foods and keep unhealthy foods such as instant food.

Statistics show that Americans prefer to consume bad foods or unhealthy foods compared to consuming fresh foods. This unhealthy lifestyle in America has spawned a lot of obesity and this is a big problem in America today.

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