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The Best Foods for Liver Cirrhosis Patients and Vice Versa

Best foods for liver cirrhosis patients – Liver is the organ that plays the most important role in the human body. One of his tasks is to filter the bacteria in the blood and convert the vitamins and minerals in the food into energy.

This energy function is to balance hormone levels, support digestion, strengthen immunity, and regulate the amount of fat in the body. Thus, the liver is vital to its existence in the body.

For those who have liver cirrhosis, they must immediately treat the disease in the right way, the right time and most importantly is to maintain a healthy diet. They must know the best foods for liver cirrhosis and foods that must be avoided.

best foods for liver cirrhosis patients

Patients with cirrhosis of the liver are important to adequate body with essential nutrients. There is the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients and there are foods that need to be shunned. In this article we share the best diet plan that is popular among Indians.

Suffering from cirrhosis can change the body in processing food so that people do not get enough nutrients for the body. This causes them to become thin. So, people with liver cirrhosis should consume a variety of foods of various kinds in order to get a lot of nutrient supply.

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However, we must know what foods are good and what foods should be avoided by liver cirrhosis patients.

Here we introduce some of the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients and then we introduce the types of foods that should be avoided. Read on to get this important info

The Best Foods for Liver Cirrhosis Patients

1. Foods rich in protein

Foods with high protein content are a must for patients with cirrhosis of the liver. The average adult’s need for protein is 1 gram of protein per day per 1 kg body weight. Protein-rich foods are like meat, fish, eggs, milk, cereals. Try to meet the daily protein needs.

2. Foods rich in vitamins

Liver cirrhosis patients should consume many foods containing high levels of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are a source of minerals and vitamins.

The disease of cirrhosis can be hampered its development with the abundance of food intake of vitamins. Look for foods rich in vitamins A, D, E, C, B1, B9, B6 and vitamin B12.

3. Foods rich in fiber

Furthermore, the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients is fibrous food. Fiber-rich foods are useful for detoxifying toxins, removing them in the body, and helping to balance nutrients.

Types of fiber-rich foods are fresh green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and breads. These foods improve the digestive system, cleanse the body. Thus, high-fiber foods included in the top of the food table are important for cirrhosis patients.

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4. Foods rich in beta-carotene

It is a powerful anti-oxidant that is indispensable for the body to fight disease. Beets and carrots are a type of vegetable rich in this substance. These antioxidants play an important role in protecting the liver from cirrhosis and steatosis.

Another benefit of beta carotene is the elimination of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are a cause of cancer and premature aging.

5. High foods Omega 3 fatty acids

Then, the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients is high in omega 3. Source omega 3 is salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. Eating these foods helps the treatment of liver cirrhosis.

6. Foods high in vitamins B, E and C

Although we have mentioned above in general, but we need to mention again, because foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamins B, C and E is very important for heart health. These foods are like eggs, milk, and fish.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

Liver cirrhosis patients are often dehydrated. Eating plenty of water is very important to them. Drinking water as much as 1.5 liters to 2 liters per day can stabilize the amount of water in the body. This is very helpful in cooling the liver and useful for the acceleration of toxic disposal in the body.

Those are some of the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients. Now we see the food that should be avoided by them.

Foods that Must be Avoided

foods must be avoided for liver-cirrhosis-patients

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a dangerous drink for the body. If you suffer from cirrhosis, you must stop this bad habit. Stop entirely from drinking alcohol will provide an opportunity to regenerate your heart.

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Chronic alcoholism can damage the liver and also block the absorption of nutrients.

2. Sweet foods

Foods that should be avoided by liver cirrhosis patients are sugary foods such as creams, candies, etc. This sweetening food is a disaster for the health of your heart.

3. High Sodium Foods

Avoid eating sodium food. Salt is one of them, a sick or damaged liver will be difficult or even can not process sodium. Consuming sodium can be harmful to the health of the liver. Patients with liver cirrhosis will experience swelling and abnormal fluid retention.

So, it is necessary to avoid foods high in sodium to avoid damage and inflammation of the liver.

4. Other Liquids Than Water

Water is very important for people with cirrhosis, but certain fluids should be alert and avoided. The fluid that should be reduced is soda, milk, juice and packaging beverages. In addition, avoid foods containing gelatin or popsicles. These foods can aggravate and cause damage to your liver.

These are some of the best foods for liver cirrhosis patients and foods to avoid. Hopefully useful, do not forget to share to friends.