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List of Food And Drink Containing Poisons

List of Food And Drink Containing Poisons

List of Food Containing Poisons. Healthy food is food that is useful to the body and can improve the function of organs. Then these foods should be followed and regular consumption. While the bad foods are foods that contain some toxic substances so that the effect is very harmful to the body. Toxic food usually tastes good and makes a person feel so fooled by eating poison suspected food.

Food poisoning is often found in instant meals ready to eat. The food is produced by adding various ingredients is not healthy to keep food resilience. Food poisoning is usually durable and not easily described by the body. There are Some foods containing poisons and should be avoided. Among the foods are:

List of Food and Drink Containing Poisons

Pasta Mix

Azodicarbonamide is a chemical that is highly toxic. This substance is present in some foods. Avoid consuming pasta mix is packaged in the city to avoid toxicity. Pasta mix in a box usually contains many toxins that are bad for your health.

Sports Drinks

You might assume that the drink is giving energy and stamina to you. If this is your assumption, then you are wrong in choosing drinks.  Sports drinks are rich in dyes that are very harmful to health. Better you choose a fresh drink of coconut or lime.

Fat-free chips

Fat-free chips are considered as a healthy foods. It is wrong because the chips contain Olestra. Olestra is a hazardous substance that is present in these chips. Foods containing olestra will make your weight go up many times. It is one type of food that is included in the list of foods containing toxins.

Non-organic yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy food that is good for your health. But if you choose non-organic yogurt then you are in a health threat. Yogurt is derived from cow’s milk or sheep. This animal is usually raised by injecting certain hormones that can be harmful if consumed. These hormones can cause breast cancer, colon cancer. If you want to consume yogurt, choose organic yogurt and avoid non-organic yogurt.

Stored Pre-cooked Chicken

Arsenic compounds contained in these foods are very harmful to health. If you want to eat chicken, you should choose fresh chicken.

Cereal Snacks

Cereal snack foods are usually selected to avoid hunger. Did you know that these foods contain many toxins that are very harmful to heart health? Trans fat content in snack will make your body crushed in slowly. Avoid snack cereals because these foods contain toxins.

Flavored Citrus Soda

A study revealed that vegetable oil found in citrus flavor soda is a harmful toxic substance for consumption. This oil is usually used to maintain the resilience of household furniture on fire but is now included in your beverage. It is a highly toxic food you should avoid.


These are some List of Food Containing Poisons. The food is packaged in such a way so that we do not know if it was poison. Beware of these foods.