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Low Carb Chinese Food

Do you like Chinese food? You do not need to stop taking it even if you are on a diet program. But you have to pay attention to low carb chinese food. So, there are many chinese foods that are low in carbohydrates and you can enjoy. The important thing for you is know what foods you should eat and which you should stay away from.

Here are some types of low carbohydrate chinese foods. You can enjoy it while keeping your weight balanced.

Low Carb Chinese Food

1. Stir Fries

One of the foods you can try is stir fries. The vegetables that stirred with lean beef, shrimp, chicken, or dishes made from a combination of mushrooms, and the oxen is a low-carbohydrate food in a Chinese dish. To keep low carbohydrates, you stay away from eating noodles and white rice.

In addition, many chinese dishes such as sauteed flavored with sauce, hoisin, orange, oysters. To keep your diet, ask that your dish is not served with any sauce.

2. Clear Clear

If you often choose foods such as dim sum, dumplings, egg rolls, fried shrimp, grilled meat, try this time to order different dishes to keep your food low in carbohydrates.

Try egg drop soup, or other soup without using cornstarch. This cuisine will cut some carbohydrates from your diet. Low carbohydrate cuisine is good for health, besides maintaining weight, it also prevents you from diabetes, blood sugar and other health problems.

3. Egg Foo Young

Furthermore, the low carb chinese food is Egg Foo Young. This is the result of a combination of chopped vegetables, small pieces of meat, and eggs or with a combination of poultry, and seafood cooked into egg pancakes.

A chef on “Food Network show” includes Egg Foo Young as a low-carb diet. You can try this cuisine in chinese restaurant or make from home. Egg Foo Young is a chinese dish served with dark chocolate sauce, oyster sauce. To minimize carbohydrates, you can avoid sauce.

4. Grilled Meat, Seafood or Poultry

To get a low carbohydrate chinese dish, you should stay away from foods like meat, poultry, or oysters fried with a layer of flour, especially if served with sauce.

Foods such as layered meat dishes and sauces contain lots of carbohydrates. Even in one serving can contain 70 grams of carbohydrates, although not using rice and noodles. Alternatively you can try roast beef, chicken satay or lean beef.

That’s some of the low carb chinese foods you should try. These foods will keep you from various health problems that occur such as diabetes, or heart attack. One more, consume food should not be excessive.