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Health Benefits of Quail Eggs For Human

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs – It is one of my favorite egg, it tastes delicious and good at eating as a snack, but nevertheless we should not consume excess because not good for health. Anything that goes beyond the limit is definitely not good. You must often consume quail eggs, this egg sold a lot by street hawkers. Although the size is small compared to chicken eggs, the benefits of quail eggs for health is amazing.

For those of you who do not like quail eggs, you should know the benefits. So, you will be interested and want to consume quail eggs as additional nutrients for the body. Here we see more reviews.

Health Benefits of Eating Quail Eggs

1. Protein sources

Quail eggs are foods that are loaded with protein, these nutrients are important for muscle and hair health. Hair consists of follicles that formed from proteins. Likewise muscles, its need the protein in order to develop well.

For athletes, eggs either chicken eggs, duck or quail eggs are important foods. High protein foods help build muscle and relax it.

2. Good for eye health

Eyes are organs that really need vitamin A. Quail eggs are a good source of vitamin A. Consuming 5 eggs a day can meet the needs of vitamin A for eyes. If you want to get lots of vitamin A, in addition to eat quail eggs you can also consume carrots and spinach.

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3. Choline sources

Choline is an important nutrient for humans, especially children in the growth period. The benefits of choline is maintain brain health and improve brain intelligence. Not only children are important to consume choline, but pregnant women also really need choline to prevent and reduce miscarriage and help the baby’s development optimally. Quail eggs are foods loaded with choline.

4. Detoxification of the body

Quail eggs health benefits as food for expelling toxins in the body. Eating quail egConsuming quail eggsgs can help the body remove toxins. So, regular consumption can keep the body avoid from various diseases.

5. Increase sexual desire

Furthermore, the health benefits of eating quail eggs is help increase male sexual desire. Quail eggs contain lots of vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and proteins. Couples or husband and wife who want to get a baby is also advised to consume quail eggs regularly.

6. Treating allergies

This is one of the advantages of quail eggs compared to chicken eggs. Quail eggs contain allergic substances, the substances as obtained in commercial allergy drugs. The substance is Ovomucoid. Lucky, substance is also found in quail eggs.

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7. Nourish the brain

Thanks to the presence of choline, the quail egg is beneficial to nourish the brain, keeping the brain healthy and improving memory. Choline is needed by anyone because the function of choline is as a component of acetylene to deliver nerve signals.

8. Good for pregnant women

Eating quail eggs regularly can also improve the health of pregnant women and their fetuses. Choline reduces the risk of miscarriage, death and disability in the fetus.

In addition, quail eggs yolk contains substances to protect the eyes, the substance is lutein and zeaksantin. It works to maintain the health of the retina in the eye.

Quail eggs also contain anti-aging substances up to 40%, so if you diligently consume quail eggs then your skin will stay young.

These are some health benefits of quail eggs for us. Eat this egg regularly is good to our health at all. But, you don’t recommended to consume it in excessive amount.