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Green Bean Salad Recipe [Best Salad for Thanksgiving]

If you like eating bean, try a different experience by serving a green bean salad. Green bean salad is very easy to make and has a delicious and complete flavor. This is perfect as a meal on vacation or when you spend the weekend with your family.

Green Bean Salad Recipe

Green beans are a healthy food high in protein and fiber, they are not only great for filling your stomach but can also be a storehouse for fiber. Fiber is useful for digestion in the intestines, while protein is useful for maintaining fullness so that you reduce the portion of food, besides that it is also good for building muscle. So, for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight or are looking for vegetarian salad recipes, you can try green bean salad recipes.

Throughout the summer and fall, green beans are available in abundance and it’s a great opportunity to try a classic thanksgiving salad recipe. There are many ingredients that can be combined with green beans, for example we use green beans with green beans + tarragon + Dijon mustard. Mustard with its spicy taste removes the sweet taste of the nuts, the aromatic tarragon adds a licorice-like taste, it’s really complex and cool. Hopefully this green bean salad recipe will be your favorite with your family.

Green Bean Salad Recipe Ingredients

Making green bean salad uses only 8 types of ingredients, all of which can be found easily. Here are the must-have ingredients:

Green beans can be combined with wax beans to give them a beautiful color in food. The combination of wax bean and green bean ingredients really arouses your appetite.

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Radicchio: This ingredient has a bitter taste which gives this salad a different taste but it is more complete, let alone the color.

Red onion: Red onion is useful for sharpening the taste and giving it a better taste. Slice it into thin strips like paper so that it blends easily with other ingredients.

Goat cheese: This cheese is fantastic, it’s very soft goat cheese that adds volume to a green bean salad. But for vegetarians, this is not the best food, please skip it.

Toasted nuts: roasted nuts both Walnuts and almonds can add a savory and nutty flavor.

Tarragon: This is our family’s favorite herb, when combined with green beans and mustard, it tastes better and tastes great.

Honey mustard dressing: This honey sauce is a binder for all the ingredients. Smearing the ingredients with honey mustard is amazing, it acts as an adhesive or an integral part of all the ingredients.

Also add flaky sea salt: Salt serves to add flavor so that the tongue is even more spoiled.

Boil green beans until soft, if so, soak in a large bowl filled with ice water, drain and dry.

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Put the green beans in a bowl and mix thoroughly with the onion, radicchio, and add a few spoons full of the dressing. The mixture is then placed on a serving plate, drizzled with cheese, nuts, and tarragon. Sprinkle the dressing more and sprinkle with sea salt for added flavor. Enjoy the green bean salad, I hope you and your family are happy.