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7 Health Benefits of Sattu (Roasted Gram Flour)

Health Benefits of Sattu – Sattu! Have you ever heard the name of this one. Indians must know, but people from other countries do not necessarily know with Sattu. Ok, We will introduce sattu to you all.

Sattu is roasted gram flour which has many health benefits. The wonderful benefits presented by Sattu make it famous and popular. Now you will also know the benefits from it.

Sattu is usually consumed in beverage form and is often used in summer because it can cool down. Sattu useful to cool the body well.

Initially, Sattu only became the consumption of villagers only, but now it is famous to the city because of the great health benefits.

The health benefits of sattu are inseparable from the essential minerals, vitamins, fiber, fats, which are needed for body sustainability. Read on, as we’ll let you know the many benefits of sattu (Roasted Gram Flour) for health.

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7 Health Benefits of Sattu (Roasted Gram Flour)

1. Herbal Remedy For Women

Women are weak creatures. It is may be true especially during menstruation and pregnancy. Well, at this time women need a lot of energy to stay healthy. Sattu is a nutritious drink that will restore lost nutrients to pregnant women, menstruation even to nursing mothers. Breastfeeding mothers who consume sattu will lower this benefit to their babies.

2. Provides Instant Energy

Sattu is a simple drink that stores lots of nutrients and energy. In addition, sattu very easily digested by the body. Consuming sattu daily on a regular basis will maintain physical and mental health.

3. Valuable Things for Diabetics And High BP Patients

Furthermore, the health benefits of sattu is good for suppressing diabetes and high blood pressure. Sattu is a drink that has a low glycemic index like sugarcane juice. So, it will release the natural sugar slowly so it is good for them.

Patients with high blood pressure can also get the benefit. He must consume sattu with water and a little salt.

4. Cleans The Stomach

Sattu is rich in fiber so it can prevent constipation and digestive problems. Insoluble fiber will overcome the problem of constipation and also remove the piles of oil we consume every day.

5. Desi Horlicks

Sattu drinks are great healthy for children in its infancy. For growth, children need essential vitamins and minerals and sattu consists of calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and magnesium. Another benefit of sattu is healthy for teeth and bones.

Here’s Desi Horlicks recipe with sattu:


-1 cup of chilled water
-1 tablespoon sattu
-1/2 teaspoon sugar
-A pinch of salt if required

How to make:

1) Take the water in a glass and add the sattu to it.
2) Add the sugar and the salt.
3) Mix well and consume.

This is great for you especially those who have never consumed sattu. Let’s start a healthy life by consuming sattu.

6. Wonderful For Skin And Hair

Consuming sattu regularly will nourish the skin and keep the water balance in the skin. This drink is useful to prevent wear and tear of skin cells.

Sattu contains proteins, minerals, antioxidants that are urgent for hair health.

7. Magical Drink For Old Age

Our health always decreases with age. There are a lot of problems that always hit in old age. So, consuming healthy drinks and healthy foods is very important. One of them is sattu.

Health benefits of sattu can drive most of the problem. Easy to digest so deserve in consumption. Sattu is a source of protein, fiber, magnesium, antioxidants. Its benefits drive away flatulence, premature aging, constipation and others.