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Burning Sensation In Throat, These Are The Possible Causes

Do you often feel a burning sensation in throat ? Let’s see what are the factors that can cause this problem to happen to you. To detect the cause is very easy. The doctor will see symptoms and some form of physical examination.

Let’s take a closer look at the burning throat and how the doctors find signs, symptoms and treatment steps for your throat to be relieved. Below are some causes for Burning Sensation in the throat.

1. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

If the stomach acid in the reflux and up into the throat, then your throat will certainly feel like burning. This burning feeling can happen at the top of the throat or at the bottom. Not only the burning feeling is natural but also painful when swallowing. The flavor that appears in the mouth is sometimes salty, or acidic.

It may be very strange when imagined, the contents of a person’s stomach that has come out and then back into the stomach, this is very stressful and painful for the patient. How food passes through the liaison between the esophagus and the stomach.

Between the stomach and the esophagus is associated with a group of muscle fibers or is said to be an esophageal sphincter (LES). This tool works very magically, it works like a valve. When the food is inserted it will open, and when food is in the abdomen it is closed, so the food from the stomach does not come out of the mouth. Well, when this tool (esophageal sphincter) is weak or rested when it should not, then the stomach fluid will enter to throat. it is really causes a burning sensation in throat.

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In addition to the symptoms on throat, someone who has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease sometimes experience other symptoms such as: chest pain, hoarseness, persistent cough, and bad breath.

GERD or gastric acid disease is easy to treat but needs help from patients to perform certain taboos. For example, during the treatment period the patient should stop mopping, or leave alcohol away from his life. In addition, spicy foods, citrus and chocolate include foods that must be avoided. One more, if the patient is experiencing weight, he should lose weight.

2. Esophagitis

Furthermore, the cause of a burning sensation in throat is esophagitis or sore throat. While esophagitis is common because of GERD. When the stomach acid is refluxed out, it will occur irritation and swelling. During this time the patient will find it difficult to swallow and pain in the chest and throat.

Besides caused by the release of stomach acid, esophagitis can also occur due to infection, never doing radiation therapy on the neck, taking certain drugs, taking chemical drugs or because of food allergies or eosinophilic esophagitis.

Treatment of esophagitis is highly dependent on the cause. So, knowing the cause is important. For example, if it occurs due to fungus, it should be given anti-fungal drugs. If it is caused by the release of stomach acid or GERD then it is necessary to change lifestyle, lose weight or need to do proton pump.

3. Burning Mouth Syndrome

This syndrome is more severe because it provides a burning sensation not only in the throat, but also on the mouth, tongue, and lips. The cause of this syndrome is not known clearly, but usually it also feels dry mouth, salty taste or taste like metal in their mouth.

Overall, burning mouth syndrome is a complex health problem that is difficult to explain. Complicated things like burning mouth syndrome usually require other stages of examination such as blood tests, and physical.

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4. Infection

Throat infections are a very common cause. Some who experience a burning sensation in the throat are usually caused by a viral infection of pharyngitis. When it is caused by a pharyngitis virus, it usually also feels itchy, and a bad taste when swallowed. Ordinary also happens other things such as a watery nose, diarrhea or cough.

Treatment is easy if this is associated with a viral infection. You need to rest while taking drugs such as anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen to reduce swelling.

But if it happens due to bacterial infection, then this is difficult to treat. You need to contact your doctor for antibiotics. The Symptoms that appear can be like a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and white patch appear on the tonsils.

5. Postnasal Drip

Furthermore, the cause of a burning sensation in throat is postnasal drip or upper airway cough syndrome. This situation occurs when the fluid from the sinuses comes out and flows into the throat. This is very annoying and can cause a burning sensation. Coughing often accompanies them because they keep trying to clean and treat a sore throat.

Post Nasal has several causes and factors, including: Allergies, viral infections, sinus infections, nasal and sinus abnormalities and consequences of frequent use of chemical drugs such as decongestants.