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10 Best Ways for Preventing Animal Bites

Have you ever in an animal bite? It was the worst experience for someone and frightening. Animal bite can give pain even in certain conditions can be harmful to life, especially if the bite by poisonous animals like snakes. Animal bite may be the experience that often the case for those who work on maintenance animals place. So, people who have a routine of keeping dangerous animals should know the best ways to prevent animal bites.

Animal bites are often experienced by those who work as guard animals or zoo. In addition, animal bites can also occur in people who raise animals. The bites often happens is the bites of dogs, cats, ferrets, parrots, raccoons, snakes and bats. In addition, animals such as wild cats, bears also dangerous if bitten.

Animal bites are usually made victims of unbearable pain, especially if the animal is venomous and have pointy teeth like dogs, and bears. Under certain conditions, can sometimes threatening. Well, knowing the best ways to prevent animal bites is very important, as well as how to prevent infection for those who have been in an animal bite. Here we look at some of the best ways for preventing animal bites.

10 Ways for Preventing Animal Bites

1. Stick with what you know

You should not knowledgeably about particular animals you do not actually know. If you are in the forest or jungle and saw a beast funny you should just see it, do not touch it even though it was funny. These mysterious animals may give a certain effect on you when in contact with you. Thus, you avoid or stay away from animals you do not know.

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2. Be careful with your new pet

If you just bought a dog or an animal that is more biting. We recommend that you do not get too close to them, know ahead of time how they are, whether they are benign or not. Does the dog want to be stroked or not. Consider the case may be, as dogs or other animals who are not familiar with the employer could tantrums or aggressive. Not impossible in certain circumstances you bite.

3. Leave the area live wild animals

When you go out of the house or walk in the forest environment like a wild animal, you have to know the sign of the beast. When you go camping you should listen to the warning of the guide. Because many cases of wild animal bites a result of negligence of the victim or because the victim is awakening the animals of their habitat.

4. Get a Tetanus Booster

In addition, the best way to protect yourself from animal bites is to get a tetanus booster from time to time. It aims to maintain and protect the soul of an animal bite unexpected.

Tetanus is a serious condition from the bite of venomous animals. Then get a tetanus booster before you go to the forest is very important and should be done.

5. Knowledge of first aid

Knowledge about first aid is very important for everyone. When there is an accident you can immediately take action for the early stages before it was then taken to a doctor. So, the first-aid box should always you with you when you go out.

6. Psychological Response

When you meet with any animal you should keep your behavior and psychological state. Animals can respond and know the state of your being scared or angry. These conditions make the animal more aggressive and attack you. But if you can maintain positive behavior and hold your anger in front of the animal then the animal is likely to stay away.

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7. Keep Your Food Stored

When camping or go into the wild, and must turn to be careful with the food you bring. The food was too smelly could interfere with certain animals that make them come to you. If you are camping, keep food away from your place. The smell of food which disturb the animals can make them attack you suddenly.

8. Do not Handle Unless Educated

If you see snakes and other wild animals, do not attempt to approach or show off your courage unless you’ve been trained with this condition. For example, holding the lizards and snakes, is very different from holding a cat or dog. Wild animals such as snakes will bite if they feel is being threatened, so handle animals must know the intricacies. Bit wrong in handling it then he will bite you.

These are simply the best ways for preventing animal bites. If you are afraid of animals should not pretend to be brave. Animals may bite you in any condition. Know how to prevent bites of wild animals, and how to prevent infection.