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Amazing Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

Health benefits of Lipton tea will be felt when you drink it regularly. Lipton tea contains less caffeine, so for those of you who like decaffeinated tea or a little caffeine content, Lipton tea can be an alternative for you. The tea is a drink that produced from natural ingredients rich in properties and health benefits. Lipton tea is a beverage produced by the Unilever industry and is well known worldwide as a health-conscious tea. The marketing of Lipton tea has been more than 100 years ago and is now famous in over the world.

Drinking tea has become a habit like drinking coffee. However, Lipton tea is not just about lifestyle but also with the tremendous health benefits. Taste and benefits into the first consideration when you will taste this simple drink. If you want to get used to consuming Lipton tea, you can take it once a day and do it regularly to get great health benefits.

Some Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

1. Improve digestive health

Researchers on tea drinks have shown that consuming tea regularly in moderation can provide health benefits. Tea is known as a beverage that can improve digestive health and can increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine that helps digestion and increase sterilization in the intestine so easy to remove. So, regular tea consumption is good for digestion, but you should limit the amount per day. The high caffeine content in tea sometimes has a negative effect on the body, you can choose Lipton tea because it is low in caffeine content.

2. Prevent cancer

The next health benefit is to prevent cancer. Cancer is now a very frightening disease worldwide because there is no proper medicine that can cure this disease. But we can prevent early on by consuming foods and drinks are rich in antioxidants. Lipton tea is a fortified beverage with antioxidants and flavonoids that are both very useful for preventing cancer. Both compounds are able to fight the effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are cancer-causing because they damage DNA so that the body cells grow out of control. This is called unhealthy cells or abnormal cells.

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3. Lose weight

Tea also includes drinks that help your weight loss because it can increase the body’s metabolism resulting in burning of large amounts of calories. However, choose sugarless tea Lipton and drink in the morning before you consume other foods. If drinking regularly then tea drinks can help lower your body weight.

4. Improve heart health

If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, you can consume Lipton tea. Both compounds, either antioxidants or polyphenols are able to prevent heart disease. In addition, it also lowers the number of bad cholesterol in the body that cause stroke, heart disease and other dangerous. To get the health benefits of Lipton tea for the heart, drink regularly each morning before breakfast.

5. Lipton tea prevent cold

Drink Lipton tea in a cold state can eliminate cold due to influenza virus. Compounds in the Lipton tea work effectively along with warm water to get rid of cold. For better results you can mix Lipton tea with ginger or fresh lemon juice. Drink together with warm water regularly.

6. Good for skin care

As we have mentioned above that antioxidant rich Lipton tea acts as a free radical counter agent. One of the effects of free radicals other than cancer or premature aging. So, consuming Lipton tea on a regular basis can eliminate free radicals and make the body stay young. Antioxidants and nutrients in Lipton tea are useful as keeping and giving care to your skin so the skin is always tight and healthy.

7. Prevent Anemia

Furthermore, the health benefits of Lipton tea is to prevent anemia. For those suffering from anemia, they are advised to consume tea regularly because this drink can prevent the shortage of red blood cells. Tea can encourage the formation of red blood cells because it is rich in iron.

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8. Strengthens bones

Lipton tea also contains fluoride and flavonoids that are useful for strengthening bones. Research has revealed that women who consume more tea have healthier bones than those who do not consume tea regularly. This maximum benefit will be obtained when the Lipton tea is consumed daily on a regular basis.

9. Relax the mind

Now the question “why many people like tea”, has been answered, it turns out those who like tea know that tea can relieve stress and able to relax the mind. You can eliminate the clutter in your mind by consuming tea in the morning or after your work. Compounds in the Lipton tea can provide a good atmosphere for your heart so that stress and depression that you experience can gradually heal.

10. Prevent dental caries

Not only useful as a drug for internal organs, but Lipton tea is also useful as a natural ingredient for dental care from damage such as caries. Flavonoids in Lipton tea work to prevent and fight antibacterials to prevent tooth decay caused by oral bacteria. Another benefit is to prevent the buildup of dental plaque so that your teeth become clean and free of tartar.

11. Increase memory

The tremendous benefit of consuming Lipton tea is to increase memory. Not only the Lipton tea alone, consuming other brands of tea can also provide this advantage. But you should consume regularly every day. Tea can improve the health of memory and vigilance can even improve the spirit of learning.

12. Prevent constipation

The health benefits of Lipton tea are not only to improve digestive health but also to prevent constipation. Tea contains laxatives, active components that can move your intestines to avoid constipation.

Howe to Drink Lipton Tea

Ok, once we learn about the health benefits of Lipton tea, we also need to know how to properly drink tea so we get the benefits that are promised. Here we have some tea tips.

  • Buy Lipton tea at the supermarket, but note the date so you do not take outdated ones
  • Lipton tea varies, best tea is green tea that provides great benefits to the body.
  • If you have diabetes, or have a history with this disease, you should avoid drinking tea with a sweetener.
  • To get the benefits and good taste you can add a little honey, ginger, lemon and basil.
  • Pregnant women are allowed to consume tea, but not excessive because it can prevent the absorption of folic acid.

Notes: Do not drink more than 3 or 4 cups a day. Consumption of 1 cup daily each day on a regular basis, you will see the benefits and positive effects of Lipton tea.