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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pickles

Health Benefits Of Pickles – The pickles are foods that are preserved using various ingredients such as vinegar and others. Many people do not like, but many also like the pickled food. Pickles was thousands of years ago famous in various parts of the world. This is a method to preserve food especially on seasonal foods that are difficult to find at any given time. Salting them is the best method to keep them for a long time. So that food supply is always there.

Almost every country in the world knows pickles. Europe, Asia such as japan, china, India and America. They know these pickled methods in different ways depending on their habits and their food.

Maybe you think that pickles are not nutritious, whereas pickled foods have the same nutrients as unrefined foods. In addition, pickles are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, even considered as diet foods in certain countries. If that is in the vegetables are, then he still keep the nutrients as before pickled. So, no harm if you marinate the meal to lengthen the storage time.

Here we see Health Benefits Of Pickles. Hopefully add our insight to pickled food.

Health Benefits Of Pickles

1. Controlling diabetes

About pickles benefits for diabetes there are pros and cons, how can high-salt foods can stabilize blood sugar, certainly raises sugar. True, but you pickle that can control blood sugar. So you have to choose a low sodium.

Pickles can lower blood sugar is based on scientific evidence. It’s just that you should be smart pickle pickles, avoid high pickles sodium. Eat pickles after meal can also lower blood sugar levels. In addition, eating pickles made with vinegar can reduce the chances of heart disease, kidney and other problems associated with diabetes.

2. Prevent muscle cramps

If you have regular muscle cramps, pickle and pickle juice is the best solution for you. Pickles works to help your body against water retention and muscle cramps that are very likely due to dehydration.

In a study proved that men who frequently consume pickles can accelerate the healing process of cramps up to 35% compared with those who drink water, and 45% faster than those who do not drink water.

Note: You do not need to consume a lot of pickles, just eat one pickle or two only, or drink 1/3 cup pickled juice.

3. Maintain digestive health

Most vinegar and pickles from salt act as powerful probiotics. However, pickles from salt last longer in digestion. Probiotics are good bacteria that are in our intestines, it helps the process of digestion of food so that its existence is good for health.

4. Treating nausea and morning sickness

If you feel nauseated or want to vomit like a habit that experienced pregnant women, then you can try to consume pickles. Salty food will prevent nausea that you experience, but it does not apply to everyone. Some of them continue to experience nausea despite trying the pickled food.

Pregnant women are good at consuming pickled food, because they often experience morning sickness. Salty makes the tongue vibrate and reduce the nausea and increase appetite.

However, pregnant women should limit it, because pickling generally contains high sodium.

5. Prevent heart disease

Furthermore, the health benefits of pickles is to prevent heart disease, thanks to vitamin K, which is very useful for health in preventing vitamin K content. In pickled cucumber contains about 22% vitamin K, is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular.

One of the factors that cause heart attack is a problem in the arteries. Vitamin K acts to prevent calcification of the arteries by transferring calcium before it becomes plaque inside the arteries.

In addition, the benefits of vitamin K is to reduce inflammation and prevent high blood pressure.

6. Boost immunity

The health benefits of pickles also maintain and boost immunity thanks to the high content of vitamin A. The function of the immune system is largely dependent on vitamin A, in need of adequate supply of vitamin A in order to maintain the immune system.

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Getting a supply of vitamin A in sufficient quantities can prevent dangerous diseases such as autoimmune, cancer, flu and cough. In addition, vitamin A also plays a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the mortality rate of HIV, malaria, diarrhea, and heavy measles.

7. Source of Antioxidants

Pickles are foods rich in antioxidants so the benefits are very important in maintaining health. If the body lacks antioxidants, then various serious diseases can attack like cancer and premature aging. Uncooked vegetables are not cooked, then the levels of antioxidants are maintained, unlike cooking.