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What Is Gray Salt? and What is the Nutrient

This time we will discuss about gray salt. Around the world there are various types of salt that are used to add flavor to food in various cultures. For example, sea salt, black salt and gray salt. Gray salt is also called “gray” salt. This salt is also one of the common salt used in many culinary ways.

How is gray salt formed and made? Below we see the composition.

Composition of Salt

The composition and basic chemical element of salt is sodium chloride (NaCl), this composition is also known as “halite.”

Features of Gray Salt

Gray salt is light gray in color, and there is also a color to purple gray. This gray color comes from the clay where salt is taken. This salt is different from other salts in general, it is moist.

Other Names

Gray salt has many mentions, it is also known as “gris cells” and “Celtic sea salt.” Kind of almost the same as celtic sea salt.


then what is the nutritional content, is this salt also the same as other salts in general? At natara the high nutrient in gray salt is magnesium which is quite high.

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The source of gray salt, where in this unique form of salt is obtained. Apparently, gray slats were mined in the sea of ​​France, precisely in Guérande, Brittany. This salt mining process also still uses traditional mining methods.

Thus a brief description of gray salt, may be useful and increase our knowledge of salt in this world.