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Harmful Effects of Food Additives on Health

Effects of food additives – Do you think that foods such as vegetables and fruits that you eat every day is good for health. Not necessarily good, because fruits and vegetables sometimes contain food additives. These substances are harmful to health, food additives are certain substances that are added into foods to add flavor and appearance. There is also a food additive insert in fruit and vegetables so that the situation is no longer natural.

Sometimes, food additive also very dangerous for health. Consuming foods mixed with additives can cause negative effect like insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, and mood changes.

Effects of Food Additives on Health

Most people who consume food additive will experience in allergies and a lot of theme will suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Harmful effects of food additives will affect the health, mood, skin, your behavior, your bowel movements that make it difficult to defecate.

Besides those mentioned above, the harmful effects of food additive was causing migraines. Migraine disease has increased threefold since the seventies. According to the study, this headaches can be overcome by preventing food additives. Switch to organic foods that are healthy and free from danger. [Organic foods products]

Then, since the seventies, people with autism increased 10-fold worldwide. Based on the study, all of this relates to food additives.

Simply put, food additives are dangerous to health even though famous for its natural ingredients. For example, calcium propionate used as a food preservative shown to have negative effects such as sleep disturbance, walking at night, depression, bedwetting, anxiety and nasal congestion.

Furthermore, consume foods that contain salicylates proven to cause tinnitus, vertigo, insomnia, hearing loss, behavioral changes in children and others.

While food additives such as monosodium glutamate proved to be very dangerous, especially for children. The harmful effects of “monosodium glutamate” food additive is to inhibit brain development in children.

So, avoid the use of food additives in order to live a healthy life. Consuming organic foods is the solution to healthier. [Organic foods is best choice for kids]

Additional Information about harmful effects of food additive Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

1. Monosodium Glutamate damage brain nerves

Lots of research on MSG around the world, even hundreds of studies have concluded that MSG is a food seasoning that damage a child’s brain. Children who are still growing will damage brain nerve cells thus adversely affect the emotional and weak in thinking.

Scientific evidence shows that MSG damage the most important part of the brain that controls the hormones, as a result children are endocrine disruptors. As a result of the influence of these chemicals (excitotoxins in msg) all health problems related to the brain may occur such as Parkinson’s disease, huntington, ALS and Alzheimer’s.

Excitotoxins have particularly harmful effects on health and high risk for diabetes, stroke, tumor, brain injury, high blood pressure, meningitis and encephalitis as a result of the virus.

2. Poison us and our generation

MSG is a food additive that is present in almost every food. Among the foods that should be on the alert and avoided because they contain MSG is Campbell’s soup, potato chips Lays, Hostess Doritos, Top Ramen, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Swanson frozen prepared meals, canned sauce Heinz, sauce lettuce Kraft, especially inscribed with “healthy low fat”.

Another surprising thing is food that said does not contain MSG evidently contain chemicals called Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. This is another name for MSG used to deceive consumers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the worst offender because MSG was in every chicken dish, sauce, lettuce and sauce. According to John EBR in his book “The Slow Poisoning of America“, added MSG in foods aims to provide the effects of addiction in the human body. It was terrible!

Among MSG is not mentioned, but there is in the food are excitotoxins, aspartate and L-cystine. Indeed, according to the provisions of the FDA should be mentioned, but not listed on the label at all. It is a fraud committed food companies to popularize food.

Some Types of Food Additives Containing MSG

  1. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).
  2. Hydrolyzed Protein Plants.
  3. Yeast extract.
  4. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein.
  5. Hydrolyzed Protein.
  6. Protein Network (including TVP).
  7. Yeast Autolyzed.
  8. Sari Protein Plants.
  9. sodium caseinate
  10. calcium caseinate
  11. Hydrolyzed Wheat Flour.
  12. Corn oil.

Flavoring often contain MSG

  1. Wheat pollen.
  2. Natural Beef Or Chicken flavoring.
  3. seasoning
  4. Spices.
  5. Malt flavoring.
  6. Flavoring.
  7. Natural Flavors / flavoring.
  8. Bouillon.
  9. Broth.
  10. Stock.

Flavoring suspected to contain MSG and excitotoxins

  1. Carrageenan.
  2. Soy Protein Concentrate.
  3. Soy Protein Isolate.
  4. Enzymes.
  5. Whey Protein Concentrate.

Food companies deceive consumers, a variety of foods labeled as healthy and harmless. Though it has a negative effect on health. This threat of MSG, people are destroying other people beings only in order to gain an advantage.

Everything is up to us. Now we know the harmful effects of food additives on health and substance is always present in fast food and foods sold freely on the market. So, those of us who are still aware of the health let’s turn to organic food. Plant vegetables and fruit at home without the use of pesticides and cultivate their own food without the use of flavorings and additives is the best way for a healthier life.

So, If you love to family, friends and your lover, let us share this information.