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Best Healthy Overnight Oats Recipes for Your Weight Loss

Are you looking for a healthy light breakfast and can lose your weight? If so, we have a solution for you. Now there is an overnight oats recipe that can be a snack for your weight loss diet. Read on for some of our overnight oats recipes.

Oats are not cooked at all like oatmeal. Oatmeal is usually cooked to a boil on the stove, so it’s different from oats which don’t need to be cooked at all. Oats are rolled oats that soak overnight in the refrigerator. This could be one of the best alternatives to lose your weight.

Oats or overnight oats are foods that don’t need to be cooked, they ripen even if you are sleeping.

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Rolled oats are pre-cooked food, and now you soak them in the liquid overnight. This marinade is enough for you to soften the whole wheat so you can eat it deliciously, of course with the recipes we will explain later.

Many people don’t believe in overnight oats because they are so easy to serve. It does not need a stove for cooking, does not use large pans for washing. It only takes a little time to serve and the result is perfect, very tasty and healthy.

In this article, we will prepare some obernight oats recipes for your weight loss purposes and as a healthy snack.

Are Oernight Oats Healthy?

Overnight oatmeal has many health benefits. Read on for the reviews in this article.

1. Less calories. Based on the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism study, consuming a cup of oatmeal can fill and satisfy you all day long. In addition, these foods are less caloric and healthier than consuming corn flakes.

2. Consuming overnight oats is good for gut health. Oats used in overnight oats are foods that contain 8.5 grams of resistant starch. This is different from cooked oatmeal which only contains 0.3 grams of resistant starch.

What is resistant starch? It is starch that is not digested in the intestines. It passes through the digestive system and doesn’t touch anything up to the intestines. Resistant starch is fermented in the intestines by intestinal batteries and this can improve gut health.

3. Oats are rich in fiber. Half a cup of oats contains 4 grams of fiber. This amount has reached 14% of the amount you must consume every day. Fiber has many health benefits such as good for the heart, digestive health and good for immunity.

The fiber in oats is called beta-glucan which is useful for reducing cholesterol levels in the body by up to 10%. That is what is stated in a health journal entitled “Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.”

Overnight oats are healthy, but it really depends on how you make overnight oats. Healthy oats don’t add sugar and milk in them. Healthy food must contain fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates. Overnight oats already contain all of these nutrients. So this includes healthy, light foods and can lose weight.

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We have compiled a number of healthy overnight oats recipes that can even support your weight loss diet program. Healthy recipes contain several nutrients as below:

  • Healthy fats such as nuts or nut butter
  • Contains protein, such as protein powder, yogurt, nuts and milk
  • Contains fiber, such as seeds and whole fruit

How to Make Overnight Oats

If you decide to make melaman oats yourself, it’s very easy and you can choose the fruits you like to taste. You can add several ingredients such as fruit, seeds, flavor, Greek yogurt and protein powder.

Take a jar and put the oats, mix-ins and liquid, mixing everything in the jar. The ratio is 2: 1 of rolled oats and liquid. If this ratio doesn’t suit your taste, you can also pour in the milk to cover the oats. Wait for the bubbles to disappear and then finish off with another splash of liquid, making sure it’s completely covered.

Stir and let stand until absorbed. Put in the refrigerator and let stand for 7 hours. If you want to hurry, your oats will be ready to eat in 4-5 hours. If you leave it all night, it will feel together and you can enjoy it tomorrow morning.

How to Store Overnight Oats.

Overnight oats should be refrigerated and placed in an airtight container. Save immediately after you mix it.

It may seem strange to you storing foods like oats, water, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices and peanut butter. However, according to Erin DiCaprio, PhD, this is very important to maintain food safety.

In the oats there may be pathogenic microbes because they are not pasteurized. If it is dry we usually store oats and this is not a problem, but if it is mixed with liquid, then the oats must be stored sterile. He continued that if oats are stored in the refrigerator, the pathogens that may be present in the oats will slow down their growth.

How long do overnight oats last?

Regarding this long last night of oats, DiCaprio explains that if you have prepared overnight oats for your dinner. So, you should pay attention to the USDA standard guidelines. This means, you can only store oats overnight for no more than 4 days in the refrigerator.

But you should know that during storage it will soften the oats. The longer you keep it the softer. So you should not spend 4 days in the refrigerator.

To continue to get the optimal taste of oats, we recommend that you spend all oats in the refrigerator for 2 days only. If it’s longer than 4 days, overnight oats are still great but should feel softer.

The Best Overnight Oats Recipe We Like

1. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Recipe, Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are perfect for those of you who love peanut butter foods. This includes an easy to prepare oats recipe. It’s so simple but healthy it can even lose your weight. Click on this link to get the Peanut Butter Overnight Oats recipe.

2. Keto Overnight Oats, a mixture of berries and cream

Keto Overnight Oats Recipe for weight loss
Keto Overnight Oats Recipe for weight loss

Whether you are a keto dieter, but still want to consume oats overnight, it doesn’t matter, because there is a keto overnight oats recipe with a collaboration of berries and creams. In this overnight oats recipe, we use flaxseeds, chia, and walnuts. So, this recipe remains keto friendly and still delicious and satisfying. Click here to see the keto overnight oats recipe.

3. Mango-Ginger Overnight Oats

Mango-Ginger Overnight Oats recipe for weight loss

Despite the name mango-ginger, this overnight oats recipe uses pomegranate seeds as well and this is what makes it even more attractive. This recipe is full of flavor. Pomegranates are a fun fruit besides strawberries and blueberries.

If you are curious about the recipe, check out this mango-ginger overnight oats recipe.

….We will continue to update this recipe every day, keep an eye on this page for lots of overnight oats recipes.