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6 Powerful Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Foods for lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a terrible disease today; one reason is because diabetes can bring a variety of other diseases. The common signs in people with diabetes are fatigue, frequent urination, weight loss significantly, excessive thirst, wounds that are difficult to cure, headache, sweating, trembling, blurred vision and a long bruise heal.

Diabetes is very dangerous because it could be a trigger for other diseases such as permanent blindness, kidney disease, and damage to blood vessels, nerves damaged, stroke and high blood pressure. Diabetes is not curable with drugs, but you can reduce the symptoms and can even cure these diseases by controlling the food.

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One of the foods is fiber source food; greens have a lot of fiber is useful for you because it can lower blood sugar levels. These foods also can be healthy for the heart.

In this article we will share some kind of Powerful Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels, hopefully your problem is resolved by following some healthy foods.

1. Kale

Diabetics also have problems with his eyesight. Kale is the best vegetable to overcome eye problems because it contains a lot of lutein a carotene healthy functioning of the eye. So do not underestimate these foods. Kale also contains a lot of fiber and vitamin B and iron. Not only that, green leafy vegetables also contain calcium which is good for the bones.

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2. Beans

Furthermore, an excellent food for diabetics are beans. Beans are useful for heart health and good for flexing the walls of arteries to facilitate blood flow.

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3. Nuts

For those who like the nuts that sounds very good because it can nourish the heart and reduce the risk of diabetes. Fiber in beans controls the release of glucose into the blood so that it can prevent the spike in blood sugar.

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4. Barley

It is an important food that should be present in the diet of diabetics. These foods will give you a feeling of satiety for a long time so it can control the sugar levels in the body.

5. Oats

Oats also includes powerful foods for diabetics. The reason is simple, because oats contain fiber. A study says that eating oats can increase HDL and lower LDL.

6. Salmon

Salmon is one of the important foods in the diet of diabetics. This is a very important source of vitamin D, a source of omega-3 fatty acids, and contains healthy fats that are useful for reducing the risk of heart disease and improving insulin resistance in diabetics.

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That’s a bunch of super foods for diabetics, hope you are experiencing these health problems and want to consume these foods.