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9+ Essential oils for UTI That Proven

Essential oils for UTI – It is a disease that attacks the bladder. Usually it extends from the kidney to the urethra. This infection is more common in women than men. UTI is an infection caused by bacteria that attack the tract.

UTI is divided into two, If the bacteria attack the lower urinary tract utis called cystitis (simple bladder infection). Meanwhile, if bacteria attack the upper ureter, then it is called with pyelonephritis (kidney infection).

This infection is not so dangerous if the bacteria only attack the urinary tract, usually can be overcome by taking antibiotics. However, there are safer natural ingredient in use, it is using essential oils for UTI. Here are some home remedy from essential oils that can handle this problem well.

9 Best Essential Oils for UTI

The use of the following essential oils is very easy, you simply use as a compress in the lower abdomen (where the bladder is located). Ok, let’s look at the following essential oils and their properties for treating UTI.

# 1. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil is a natural antiseptic that can treat various diseases caused by bacteria. It is used as a drug to prevent urinary tract infections of cystitis with antiseptic quality.

Besides beneficial for UTI, bergamot is also good used in bathtubs. Soak there, then various problems such as vaginal itching will be resolved. The hint is by adding of 5 drops of bergamot oil into the bath warm water.

For topical use, mix bergamot oil with carrier oil and apply directly to the skin (pelvic area).

# 2. Cajeput essential oil

Furthermore, essential oils for UTI is Melaleuca Cajuputi or cajeput oil. If used in the bath regularly is very effective to solve your problem. Add 3 drops of cajeput oil into your bath, do it regularly to give the healing effect against urinary tract infections.

# 3. Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is remedies for UTI, it is an essential oil that extracted from fir wood, the smell of wood from this oil is very pleasant. This oil has tremendous benefits on the body especially in liver and kidney organ.

Its use to treat UTI is to compress in the lower abdomen. Can also add to the warm tub.

# 4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Besides beneficial as an essential oil for athlete’s foot, it is also useful for treating urinary tract infections thanks to anti-inflammatory and curative. Combine eucalyptus oil with carrier oil, as well as with essential oils for other UTIs. Next, apply directly to the lower abdomen. Use regularly to remove UTI pain.

# 5. Lavender Essential Oil

One of the essential oils for UTI is lavender oil, as natural remedy it is soothing and contains anti-bacteria as other oils. This means good for treating various types of urinary tract infections. Dissolve lavender oil with a quarter cup of castor oil. Massage on the ureter topically, this is good for treating various UTI, especially cystitis infections.

# 6. Rosewood Essential oil

Rosewood is best used to treat UTI. You can use directly or after mixing with other essential oils at above number, especially with cajeput or lavender oil. This is great for helping the treatment of various kinds of ureter infections.

# 7. Sage

Sage essential oil is a type of essential oil effective for urinary tract infections. Not only good for UTI, sage oil also good for killing harmful bacteria like E.coli. Its use is mixed with other carrier oils. Add a few drops of carrier oil in a few scoops of sage essential oil.

# 8. Sandalwood Essential Oil

The essential oil effectively relieves Ureter infections and proves to be very good use in bathtubs. Sandalwood oil also good and effective for treatment orally or add a few drops in ginger tea.

If you want, can also add 5 drops in the bath. If your condition is severe, add more this oil.

#9. Tea Tree Oil

Besides beneficial as an essential oils for tooth pain, tea tree oil also useful for overcoming UTIs. It contains anti-microbial, anti-viral, and fungicides so it is effective against various infections. Tea tree oil has a strong effect on the skin, then before using it you should dissolve it in carrier oil or use it in a bath of water bath.

The Use In Combination

If your UTI is not severe or is in a moderate position, you can use combination between  cinnamon oil, basil oil and oregano oil. This mixture is included in the capsule and consume at least three times a day. Urinary tract infections are caused by different causes and different reasons. So, you need to try some combination of essential oils to get a choice that suits you. Here are some other combinations that you can try.

Another combination is lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil, fennel oil and juniper oil. This oil mixture is good and powerful to control the problematic of ureter.

In addition, the best essential oils for UTI that used in a bath is fennel oil, tea tree, bergamot. These oils are also well mixed with 2 drops of juniper oil, 2 drops of thyme linalol, 2 drops of oregano oil, and 6 drops of tea tree oil.

In addition to using essential oils for UTI regularly, you should also consider a healthy diet. Eat vegetables, healthy fruits and drink enough water. That is all, may you enjoy this post.