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14 Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil – The oils have a variety of health benefits. A trial found that the benefits are extraordinary in dealing with the complaints of health. Among the benefits are cure fevers, infections, skin disorders, healthy hair, asthma, obesity and fatigue.

Lemon oil is similar to myrrh essential oils that works to soothe and prevent depression. In addition to soothing, lemon essential oils have anti-invective, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-fungal. The health benefits of lemon essential oil can be felt from household cleaning tools to clean the air in home. Additionally, lemon oil can also be used to add flavor to your favorite food and water as well as get rid of bacteria.

The use of lemon essential oil can be blended with various other essential oils. This oil can blend with lavender essential oil, rose oil, peppermint oil, sandalwood essential oil, tea oil and can be mixed with geranium oil.

So, what the health benefits of lemon essential oils? Here we see the list of uses in the medical world.

14 Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

1. Treating stomach ailments

Lemon oil is carminative, its useful to treat various stomach problems such as excess gas, indigestion, acidity, cramps and other problems. Dispense 3 drops of lemon essential oil into the water to cope with heartburn and indigestion.

2. Increasing the concentration

The use of lemon essential oil is good to increase alertness and concentration. So, the benefits are good for those who work in the office, the children that are learning in school to improve concentration. You can rub lemon oil on the arms and breathe slowly.

health benefits of lemon essential oil

3. Spiritual Experience

Add a few drops of lemon oil into the water to get the benefits of spiritual and psychic. It will soothe and eliminate the problems associated between spirit and soul and solve conflict in your mind.

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4. Cleansing the body

The health benefits of lemon essential oil also plays a role in body hygiene. Put 2 drops of lemon essential oil into 8 ounces of water. This water will cleanse the liver, kidneys and your digestive system.

For outdoor use is also very good, lemon oil can help to kill germs and bacteria.

5. Expel insects

To repel insects, use a mixture of lemon oil with peppermint oil and eucalyptus. Insects will run away and stay away.

6. Boost immunity

Lemon essential oil contains many vitamins so it is good to boost your immunity. This oil works by stimulating the formation of white blood cells that fight disease duty. In addition, the benefits of lemon oil can also improve blood flow throughout the body.

7. Treat fever

Benefits of lemon essential oil is very big to cope with infectious diseases such as fever, typhoid and malaria. Use one drop of lemon essential oil and peppermint oil on the bottom of the foot. It will provide relief from the infection.

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8. Disinfectant

The anti fungal and anti bacterial in lemon oil is very useful for cleaning the body, metal cleaners, dishes and clothes.

9. Coping with sore throat

Do you often feel pain in the throat. Just use lemon essential oils. The way is by adding lemon oil into the warm water, put honey and drink. This herb will cure throat problems.

10. Keeping freshness of apple slices

A further benefit is to keep freshness of apple slices. Do you often get a red apple slices or the color is change. Use lemon essential oils in the water and enter the apple slices and avocado. They will stay fresh and not discolored.

11. Increase the taste

Lemon is a citrus varieties that very popular in the world. Its usefulness is very great in various sides of human life, including the culinary purposes. Adding a bit of lemon oil on fish, steamed vegetables will add flavor and improve appetite. The much content of vitamin makes lemon is good for digestion and even to remove the layer of fat in the abdomen.

12. Weight loss

The health benefits of lemon essential oil in weight loss has been very popular. Lemon oil can be taken with warm water. Not only lose weight but also can increase appetite. A layer of fat in foods such as fried be in the clear when you drink warm lemon water.

13. Treating asthma

Did you know that inhaling the lemon oil can cleanse the nasal passages and make you feel relieved! Lemon will promote better air flow into the nasal cavity.

In addition to treating asthma, lemon essential oil is also useful to repel allergy. Combine lemon oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil, use under the foot, behind the ears and on the neck on a daily basis. Get the benefit!

14. Good for skin care

Lemon essential oil is a substance detoxification and serves as an antiseptic. It is useful to address the health problems of skin such as acne, blackheads and reduce excess oil on the skin surface.