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7 Common Mistakes You Make in the Gym

Walking onto a gym floor, you will find a few people holding the wrong posture while working out. Well, it is the most common mistake one can make, but the list does not stop there. While joining any one of the reputed Reem Island Gyms is a great way to move towards your fitness goal, you will make several mistakes along the way. We have listed a few below for you to keep a check on.

1. Waiting for Equipment

Line formation near equipment is unavoidable if you work out during peak hours. Waiting for a machine to get free will only waste your time and break your workout flow.

Better skip to the next workout set and get back to the machine later on when free. It will genuinely make no difference to the results of the session.

2. Forgetting Your Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential so that your muscles do not cramp. Sipping water throughout the workout session is necessary.

Also, if you feel thirsty between the sessions, you will have to walk toward the water purifier and break your session unnecessarily. Hence, you should bring your own sipper water bottle and keep it handy.

5. Repeating the Same Sets Every day

If you have planned the same routine for your everyday workout, you will get bored with doing the same exercises within a month. This leads to demotivation and stagnation. Also, focusing on the same set of muscles daily will leave it sore by the end of the week.

You should make a routine where you work on two muscles every day. This way, you will not overwork any muscle, and daily variations will keep you motivated.

6. Doing Cardio Before Weight Lifting

While cardio is also vital during the workout session, doing it at the wrong time is detrimental. Doing a long jog before weight lifting increases your heart rate and will warm your body up, but you will be fatigued by the time you reach to lift the weight.

This will result in poor form and increase the chances of injuring yourself. Hence, it is better to do a short cardio session before weight lifting just to warm up the body, and once done with strength training, hit the cardio area. This also helps burn the lactic acid that was formed during strength training. Lactic acid causes muscle soreness; hence burning it by doing cardio can avoid muscle soreness.

7. Working on Your Core Only at the End of the Session

Most people leave core workouts for the end of the session. You will probably cut it short as you get tired by the end. Core training is one of the most essential parts of a workout, as a strong core helps you hold better postures. Hence, you should get it out of the way earlier so that you will focus more on it.

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The Bottom Line

Working out regularly does not help if you do not do it in the right way. If you put in so much effort to achieve your fitness goal, you should do it the right way to get better results with less effort.