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Best Boxing Punching Techniques | The Right Way to Throw a Punch

Best Boxing Punching Techniques

The Boxing Punching Techniques. Boxing is an exercise that involves many muscles at once and it burns a lot of body calories in every boxing training session. So, every shot that is thrown must be correct and in accordance with the guidelines so as not to develop wrong or bad habits that can result in bad health.

So, we have to build the best way to box. The best way to build boxing skills is to master the basics of boxing. Boxing is an upper body training activity. In this sport you train your upper body, shoulders, arms, back and core. Boxing is not just clenching the fist and then releasing it forward with a punch. But there are techniques and ways that must be mastered so that his fists are directed and do not cause arm injuries.

Here you will learn about the correct boxing technique and then make it a habit that can increase body strength and make your body healthy and fit.

How Can I Improve My Boxing Punching Techniques?

For those of you who want to learn proper boxing techniques, then you must finish this article. We will give you a good and correct way of boxing as a form of fitness training and as a form of cardio that burns a lot of body calories. Make it a healthy habit that can increase upper body strength.

Before adding boxing power, you must master the correct technique first. Then along with cleverness in playing your technique you can increase the power of your stroke. There are three basic types of strokes that you can get used to.

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. hook

We will see one by one explanation of the basic punches in boxing.

Practice The Basic Punches

Now you have started to learn boxing techniques. But you have to know where you are going. Do you want to try some advanced or advanced strokes. But it is best for beginners to start from the basics.

Mastering the basic techniques is important to give you success in boxing. Remember, do not be easily tempted by advanced boxing before mastering the basic level. Basic techniques are very important to be mastered and practiced regularly. It aims to prevent you from possible injury, increasing your stamina little by little.

As a beginner, you should know that starting slowly with basic techniques is much more important than running fast.

Even doing it slowly and slowly is very important because it can build your muscles slowly and give you the best boxing experience. Ok, let’s see one by one review of the basic techniques of boxing.

1. Jab

Do it with your front foot in front, no need to stretch your elbows, punch forward, and raise your fists up to provide protection to the face. Jab means a quick hit, must be faster than hard. So in this basic boxing technique you should be able to return your hands to the starting position very quickly.

You can also make a double stroke and after that you quickly pull your hand back to the starting position.


To make your punch stronger, you have to put your whole body into it. When you enter your body, then your strength is not only from above, but all the strength such as from the legs, core and shoulders will come out through your arms.

2. Cross

The next basic boxing technique is the cross. To do this, keep the same leg forward and you use the other arm to punch. Also include your whole body to produce a stronger force.

To throw a cross that is safe from your back pain, start with the feet. When throwing a cross, rotate your back foot so it faces forward. The movement will follow up to the hips and this should also point forward. Your strokes should be straight forward, use your first two knuckles as a guide.

Little by little you have to increase your hitting accuracy, increase your power and speed.


If you feel there is improvement, try doing a jab-cross combo. Turn your back quickly and it will seem very natural to do so.

3. Hooks (techniques 1 and 2)

The next basic boxing technique is hooks, this is one technique that makes the whole body work. The punches come from all over the body, and you hit the shoulders instead of the fists.

To hit with a hook, start with the front side. Raise your arms to shoulder height and bend your elbows to make a hook with your thumbs over your fists. The whole body is turned towards the fist. The legs and feet are also rotated in the same direction. Your upper body should follow the direction of your punch, and your hands should protect your face from the attack.

Build Your Punching Power

The strongest boxing punching techniques

The strongest stroke that you can practice is the top shot and it will be very maximal if you do the top shot with the jab and cross technique. So, to be able to understand how to punch this section, you must first master the basic techniques of jab and cross boxing.

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Throws a Powerful Straight Punch

Powerful hitting is from the ground up, your power comes from your feet, legs, core, shoulders and hips. In order to throw a straight punch with a strong then you have to use every part of your body.

To start the movement, you have to use every part of your body because the power comes from there. Use your feet to shape the movement, initiate the movement and build momentum. So engage your core, arms and shoulders.

How to Test Your Boxing Punching Techniques?

Train like you don’t use boxing equipment, no punching bag, so your boxing technique training can still use shadowboxing. You can measure the stamina and speed of your strokes. You must be able to determine how many times you hit in a certain time.