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5 Proven Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat and Bra Bulge

A perfect way to ruin any fabulous outfit is with an excess fat hanging over your bra line. A bra bulge is not something any lady is comfortable with. In fact, it can be very frustrating and affect your self confidence and esteem. Although, a lot of women have tried to solve this situation by wearing a better-fitting bra, this is just a temporary solution.

The best way to approach the condition is by exercises. While it may be impossible to lose fat in a specific area, there are exercise that reduce overall body fat, with a little more emphasis on the back fat. Contained in this article are a few effective workouts that can get you started on your way to a fat-free back.

Proven Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat and Bra Bulge

1# Push ups

This can be considered the No. 1 line of defense when it comes to the fight against back fat. However, this is one exercise that scares especially women just hearing about it. Well, this is because they seem very hard to perform. But the good news is that there are a couple of other ways they can be done. Or should I say, there are ways this movements can be mimicked.

2# Upper body cycle

Like the name goes, this workout involves a cycle that is aimed at working on the back. The upper body cycle is one the effective ways of fighting against back fat. All you need is just to dedicate as little as 10 minutes on this exercise and watch the significant transformation that awaits you. If you can, trying cycling backwards too – its more effective that way.

3# Rowing Machine

I know a lot of people could be wondering why the mention of a rowing machine when we are talking about the upper part of the body like the back. Well, here is a blog article that says otherwise. It is true that this workout impacts majorly on the lower parts of the body like the legs, however, fitness experts have also revealed that it is also effective when it comes to upper body too. It goes a long way in engaging your back and core muscles.

4# Pull ups

I can’t talk about effective workouts for back fat and not make mention of pull ups. This is one exercise that majors on strengthening the back muscles and biceps. It goes as far as toning and sculpting these muscles. Whether it’s the normal or chin-up pull ups, they are all effective for getting rid of back fat and bra bulge. However, the normal method is the most effective and recommended, as it impacts directly on the back fat.

5# Jump rope

This is yet another effective and easy workout for back fat. This cardio is known to burn an average of 12 calories every minute. Initially, this exercise seems to just be focused on your shoulders, but eventually the impact transfers to the back. For more effectiveness, you can use a weighted rope or add a wrist weight.


Whether it is back fat or bra bulge (what ever name you call it), the truth still remains that no woman desires it. For one, it hampers on your attractiveness and goes as far as to make you less confident about yourself. Like any other fat, it will require some level of responsibility and discipline to get rid of it. Actually, it takes more than just exercises to effective get rid of any form of fat. You will need to pay attention to your diet and adjust your lifestyle and habits. If all of these are in place, I can assure you that you’re on your way to achieving your fat loss goal.