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How To Do A Push Up [Follow The Guides]

How to do Push-ups? This is a simple exercise with no special equipment but is very good at working several upper muscle groups at once. Here we will provide a guide on how to do Push-ups correctly to get amazing health benefits for your body.

Push-ups are useful in strengthening the chest muscles, this exercise also provides strengthening of your shoulders and arms. But you also train the back muscles, buns, and including core exercises.

If you are not familiar with Push-ups, it may be very difficult to do them and you will often fail. But don’t worry, we will provide easy tips and methods to do Push-ups, try to do them every day so that you get used to Push-ups.

How To Do A Push Up

How to Do a Push Up

Pay attention to the procedure for doing the following push-ups:

1. Start with the body position like a plank on the mat or floor, and palms under the shoulders. Straighten your legs back, your body contracts to hold the spine, keep your body straight back.

2. Your elbows point slightly back, bend your elbows slowly until your body drops to the floor, keeping your body straight and your eyes on your fingertips.

3. As you exhale, tighten your abs, and push your body back into a plank-like position, that’s one repetition. Do push ups up to several times.

In a training session, your targets are your shoulders, chest, core and arms.

Tips for a Proper Push Up

1. Proper form is key

The most important key for you to be successful with push up exercises is to get your body in the right shape.

Along the way of the exercise, it is very important that you maintain the correct position. Your body position must remain in a straight position either when lifting your body or when lowering your body.

Maintaining the correct position will make your practice easier and prevent discomfort.

2. Engage your core

Most of us think that push ups are only beneficial for the upper body. Though very much core strength we need to get it right.

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3. Envision a straight line

Your neck and spine should be like a straight line. To do push ups properly, you have to imagine there is a straight line in your body from your neck to your ankles.

Do it like a straight line and do not change your posture.

4. Butt down!

Don’t let your butt lift higher than your spine. But do it straight from your head to your feet.

Don’t be tempted to make your ass float in the air.

5. Elbows to 90 degrees

Lower your body down until it reaches a 90-degree angle, pause and exhale as you tighten your stomach, bringing your body back up.

Modified Push Up

For beginners, there is usually not enough strength to do push ups properly. So, you can try with a variety of modified push ups for the strength building stage. If you feel used to it, you can start the right push ups according to our chemical guide in this article.

When you are able to do push ups properly and start doing them regularly, then you will immediately get great benefits from push ups. Your chest muscles will soon be strong and dense, as well as the biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles and abdominal muscles will experience development by feeling the strength and density.