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How to Get Rid of Cheek Fat: Here’s an Exercise to Help You

How to Get Rid of Cheek Fat – When talking about appearance, face is the main concern. That’s a lot of women who want to look beautiful really pay attention to the beauty of their faces. High jawbone, curvy face, pile of facial fat or face that is striped and wrinkled, all of these really determine your appearance.

For those of you who want to improve your appearance, especially if you want to get rid of cheek fat, you can do some facial exercises to help get rid of fat in the cheek area. There are several forms of exercise and effort that we can do to get rid of cheek fat.

Simple Exercise for Getting Rid of Cheek Fat

Some of these simple exercises will have an effect on your face, especially in getting rid of fat on the cheeks.

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1. Chin Lift

This is a jaw and throat muscle workout, the purpose of this chin lift exercise is to get rid of the double chin. Double chins usually occur in those who are fat. So, this is an exercise to lose fat on your cheeks and chin. See how to do it:

  • Tilt your head upward, keeping your eyes fixed on the sky
  • Cover your lips like a frown
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds and relax
  • Repeat up to 10 times

2. Jaw Release

The next exercise to get rid of fat on the cheeks is the jaw lifting exercise. exercises are done to widen or stretch the muscles of your lips, jaw and cheeks. If you practice diligently you will get prominent cheekbones, as well as a jaw. See how to do it:

  • Sit or stand with your back straight.
  • Keep your lips closed. Move your jaw like a person chewing
  • Inhale with your nose
  • Then, press the tongue against the bottom of the jaw, exhale with your mouth,
  • Hold for five seconds, and repeat up to 10 times.

3. Lips Pull

Lips pull is a simple exercise but can get rid of your cheek fat if done regularly. Lip pull can lift facial muscles and reduce your appearance for years. See how to do it below:

  • Sit or stand, hold the head normally
  • Raise your lower lip as much as possible and push your lower jaw outward.
  • Feel the stretch in the chin muscles and jaw line
  • Hold this position for 15 seconds, relax

4. Puffy Cheeks Exercise

Puffy Cheeks is a simple exercise to strengthen the muscles around the upper cheeks, and this exercise also helps in shaping your face. Pay attention to the following method:

  • Inhale with your mouth until your cheeks are swollen, hold for about 10 seconds
  • Transfer air to the right cheek and hold for 10 seconds
  • Then, slide the air from your right cheek to your left cheek, also hold it for 10 seconds and exhaust the air
  • Repeat ten times

5. Fish Face Exercise

There is also a form of exercise to get rid of cheek fat which is called the “fish face”. This is a very popular exercise as a form of exercise to lose cheek fat and strengthen the cheek muscles.

  • Suck on your cheeks and then curl your lips
  • Hold this position and try to smile
  • Hold 5 seconds
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times

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Apart from paying attention to this exercise, you also need to know a few points and stick to them.

1. Chewing gum, the benefits of chewing gum are not only freshen your breath but can help you get rid of cheek fat. Repeated chewing movements can strengthen the jaw. You can chew gum for 20 minutes after dinner or lunch.

2. Treat your cheeks by giving a warm towel or slightly hot towel. Dip a towel in hot water, wring out the water and place it on your face for 20 minutes. Repeat this five times each time. For most results, do this maintenance exercise one hour before bed.

3. Massaging the cheeks regularly, this can also remove cheek fat, tighten the face, and can tighten the face. This method can also get rid of the buildup of fluid on the face.

4. Yoga exercises can be useful for reducing facial loads, including the Adhomukha Savasana, Suryaa Namaskar, and neck rotations.

5. Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, salt, oil and starch. Stop consuming alcohol or alcoholic drinks with various brands. Eat protein-rich foods, because these foods are very effective at burning fat.

So, do the exercises that we have applied above and mix with the habits in the five points above.

How to Lose Face Fat Teenager

Teenage boys and girls are now starting to pay attention to their appearance, especially with regard to their fat face. For them fat face is something scary and must be removed. So, actually facial fat is a big problem, but with proper exercise and a good diet, it can be eliminated. Here we will explain how to get rid of teenage facial fat, only in a quick time and of course you want this method.

Fat face or excess fat on the face can occur due to many factors. Among them are due to poor diet, genetics, or because you are not active and exercise or even facial fat is the result of side effects of certain medical conditions. The most important thing is that you want to get rid of excess facial fat and want to look beautiful again.

Excess facial fat can reveal you as an overweight person, it can also trigger other health problems such as diabetes and cholesterol. So, removing excess facial fat is not only good for your appearance but also has a good effect on your beauty.

Teenagers should know, if you want to get rid of facial fat, there are several ways you can take it. For example, what you have to do is change your lifestyle, for example changing your diet, exercising regularly or by trying cosmetic treatments, botulinum toxin injections or laser therapy. Some even take a shortcut, namely doing facial surgery to remove facial fat.

But we don’t explain that to you. We will provide natural ways to reduce facial fat without having to use certain chemicals, or surgery. These are some natural ways that teenagers can do to get rid of facial fat.

Facial Exercises to Lose Face Fat

When talking about how to lose face fat teenager, this is certainly motivated by their desire to always be beautiful and healthy. So, a teenager with a good face and fat free will look beautiful and healthy.

1. Eat more vegetable and fruit

Among what must be done is to eat food according to portions, eat more vegetables and fruits to give a glowing and shiny facial appearance. Beside that, you also have to avoid these foods in lose weight

2. Regular exercise

Furthermore, exercise is also important to lose facial fat, you can try cardio exercises such as cycling, running, and this will help burn calories and tighten facial muscles.

3. Facial exercises

In addition to the two things above, facial exercise is an important thing that you should get used to to get rid of excessive fat on the face. Facial exercises help tighten the skin, and tighten the muscles so that your face burns fat and makes you look healthier and more beautiful. For you as a young woman, this is an important thing to do so that you are always healthy and look radiant.

Below are some forms of facial exercises that you should try:

  1. Puff out your cheeks and hold for 10 seconds, repeat up to 10 times
  2. Close your eyes tightly, wrinkle your nose, and hold for 10 seconds, repeat up to 10 times
  3. Smile as wide as possible and hold for 10 seconds and repeat up to 10 times.

Those are some ways on how to lose face fat teenager. For teenagers, the face is a place of attention that is expected to look beautiful. So, for the beauty of your face, get rid of your facial fat by doing some of the things we have mentioned above. Don’t do any surgery or injections on the face, these are expensive and unsafe, but do exercise, and pay attention to a healthy diet or healthy lifestyle.

How To Get Slim Face in 3 Days

Who does not want a slim face quickly. For those of you who want your face straight in 3 days it’s very easy. Follow some of the following beauty advice

– Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet, because salt retains water in your body.

– Then, to get a slim face in 3 days, eat less simple carbohydrates and sugar.

– Then, keep the body hydrated by drinking enough water

– Exercise for 20 minutes every day, don’t forget facial exercises as we mentioned above.

Don’t stress, keep your mood stable. Watch comedy and laugh out loud. This will make your face free and not stiff.

How To Lose Cheek Fat Overnight

Is it possible? Nothing is impossible, but this will not happen overnight. At least you will be fast in removing facial fat that you do not want. Remember, there is no instant way to get rid of fat, unless you take the surgical method. But we don’t recommend it. Do me some of the following.

We call this method the way to get rid of facial fat overnight. This shows that you can quickly do it even if not overnight as the title might surprise you.

1. Doing the jaw release exercise

This exercise is for releasing or stretching your jaw. This is not to change the shape of your jaw, but to relax your face and stretch it so that the muscles don’t stiffen. You can do this exercise standing or in a sitting position. Stretch your jaw muscles as if you were chewing something.

In this exercise, make sure you keep your mouth closed but your mouth looks like you’re chewing something. Inhale and exhale deeply as you hum. Then, open your mouth wide with your tongue pressing against your lower teeth. Hold for 5 seconds and then inhale and exhale again. Repeat several times (10 times).

2. Practice blowing air

One of the exercises to lose facial fat overnight is to do a cheek blowing exercise. This exercise will work almost all of your neck and facial muscles.

Take a chair and sit straight, tilt your head back until you are facing the sky. Pull in your lips and try to get the air out. Do this a few times in a relaxed manner.

3. Exercise and eat healthy

The most common and most effective way to get rid of excess cheek fat is to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Exercising regularly not only loses cheek fat, but also your overall body fat. In addition, a healthy diet also really determines you in reducing or eliminating your cheek fat.

Change your lifestyle starting from the way you eat, and exercise regularly, at least you exercise 20 minutes every day.