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Top 10 Benefits Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The extraordinary benefits of carrot seed essential oil can be obtained because of the extraordinary contents in them such as antioxidants, antiseptics, disinfectants, detoxifiers, and anticarcinogenic contents. There are also carminative, diuretic, tonic, depurative, emmenagogue, cytophylactic, stimulant, and vermifuge substance substances.

What is Carrot Seed Essential oil

Carrot seed essential oil is oil obtained from extraction of carrot seeds by steam distillation. Usually extracted from dried carrot seeds from wild carrot plants (Daucus carota). Not only from seeds but also from dried carrot plants. Wild carrots that are taken for distillation are wild carrots that usually exist in Europe and are known as “Queen Anne’s Lace”.

Carrot seeds not only contain alpha pinene, gamma-terpinene, beta pinene, carotol, limonene, sabinene, camphene, myrcene, beta bisabolene, and geranyl acetate but carrot oil is also rich in vitamin A and carotene. Ok, let’s just see the carrot seed essential oil below.

Health Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

1. Antioxidant Properties

The benefits of carrot seed essential oil are very impressive is to maintain and maintain your youth. This oil can prevent premature aging. The antioxidant content in carrot oil repairs damage and stops further damage.

The benefits of antioxidants are to prevent wrinkles, prevent gray hair on the head, prevent stiff joints, and maintain healthy vision and muscle. Not only that, but the benefits of these antioxidants can also prevent macular degeneration, sexual weakness, prevent cancer, maintain digestive health, and problems related to aging.

2. Treats Infections

The next benefit of carrot seed essential oil is to treat infections. Based on research by Jorge M. Alves-Silva et al. [1] (Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2016). It has antiseptic properties, so it is able to prevent tetanus. So, carrot essential oil can be used as a medicine for wound infections. Can also be a drug for infections of the gastrointestinal tract such as the throat, large intestine, mouth, stomach infections, and bladder infections.

Carrot oil is very effective in dealing with wounds, boils, rashes, and other problems. There is the use of carrot essential oil to treat viral infections in the respiratory tract, such as bronchitis including being able to treat other viral infections such as coughing, measles, colds, flu and mumps.

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3. Carrot Seed Oil Remove toxins in the body

Carrot essential oil is also useful for purifying and removing toxins from the body such as detoxifying blood, muscles, tissues, and internal organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Based on a study showing that carrot essential oil contains hepato-protective and contains cardioprotective. It can remove toxins and treat gout from the blood, muscles, tissues and joints. So, the health benefits of carrot oil are amazing. This can all slow down edema, arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

4. Removing gas

Have you ever felt your stomach tight with gas and feels very painful? If this is what you are experiencing, then you are advised to try carrot oil. Carrot essential oil will help you expel gas in your system.

This oil will give you peace and make you really relieved because it is free from gas trapped in your intestines.

5. Diuretic Properties

Carrot essential oil is also a diuretic which means it can increase the frequency of your urination. This will provide great benefits for the body, with a lot of urine so we can be free from the many poisons in the body.

Every time we urinate, there are many poisons that come out like fat, gout, and causes of infections such as microbes. In addition, high frequency of urination can also maintain blood pressure and can cleanse the kidneys. Automatically, the process of removing the small AI can also clean the kidney stones.

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6. Emmenagogue

An emmenagogue, this means easing your menstrual processes that are not smooth. Can reduce pain during menstruation and make your menstruation so regular.

If you experience irregular periods, carrot essential oil is one of the remedies.

7. As a stimulant

Carrot oil stimulates and stimulates the body’s metabolic functions. In addition, carrot oil also stimulates hormone secretion, gastric fluid, enzymes, stimulates gastric peristalsis and can stimulate bile. This will make all body systems become efficient. It also stimulates nerve function, and brain function so that a person feels more alert and active.

8. Eliminates Worms

The benefits of carrot essential oil are also good for killing worms in the intestine. So, this can benefit the child against cancing disorders. Worms in the body can cause children to lack nutrition and other dangerous conditions.

9. Stimulates Growth

It is also useful for stimulation of new cell and tissue growth so that a child can experience faster growth.

10. Carrot Seed Oil Acts as Tonic

Carrot essential oil functions as a tonic which means it can remove toxins from the body. That is, this will rejuvenate the body and make the body become fresh and comfortable.

Carrot oil will rejuvenate muscle tissue and ease the stomach, liver and respiratory flow so that the digestive system becomes smoother and all parts of the body become normal.


How to use carrot essential oil. You can use it by using an aromatherapy diffuser. But if you want to use it topically, it is best to mix it with other carrier oils. Among the carrier oils that you can mix are jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil. This is the best carrier oil.