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9 Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits That Proven

What is Blue Tansy Essential Oil? This is a therapeutic oil derived from plants associated with daisy, native European plants. Blue tansy has a scientific name that is anacetum Annuum or Tanacetum Vulgare.

Blue tansy is a health therapy oil that has a fragrant aroma, it resembles to a German chamomile. The manufacturing process is by steam distillation processed from all parts of the plant. The blue tansy essential oil is popular with its warmth, and the taste is pleasant.

But unfortunately, to get this essential oil is very difficult because many circulating fake tansy oil.

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Before we see the benefits of blue tansy essential oil, let’s consider what the composition that it works for a varies diseases.

Tansy oil is made from a combination of several ingredients such as:

  • Chamazulene
  • Beta-pinene
  • Camphor
  • Sabinine
  • Beta-myrcene

The composition contributes to many health benefits. Among them are anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, also acts as an expectorant, analgesic, and anti-fungal. This content makes blue tansy essential oil good for wound healing, even arthritis and other chronic skin diseases.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Treating wounds

Blue tansy oil contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal, this content provides tremendous benefits against wound healing and various skin damage due to fungus.

Blue tansy is powerful for treating skin diseases, so if you have insect bites, burns or small scratches, use blue tansy oil dissolved with carrier oil. It is will prevent the spread of bacteria and provide a calming effect on your wounds.

While the anti-fungal properties in tansy good for treating skin problems due to fungus such as nail infection, and scalp.

2. Treating allergies

Seasonal allergies suffered millions of people can be prevented by using various types of essential oils. One that proven to be helpful is the blue tansy essential oil. This oil contains a natural antihistamine like most other essential oils but does not contain adverse effects like prescribed antihistamines.

Blue tansy oil reduces the body’s natural histamine response to allergens. It means it is useful to relieve symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and rashes. So, if you have skin allergies, just use tansy oil.

3. Muscle Relief and Arthritis

One of the benefits of essential oils is to relieve inflammation and muscle pain. The blue tansy essential oil is one of the greats in the matter. It contains anti-inflammatory that are able to work to alleviate the problem of inflammation in the joints or muscle pain that occurs due to exercise or hard work.

This essential oil will massage and provide a comfortable sensation in your muscles. Those suffering from arthritis due to rheumatism can use this oil to get comfort. In addition, blue tansy is also good for treating gout.

4. Good for digestion

Digestive problems are often felt by most people. In fact, digestion is the most important system in the body. A healthy digestion will process food well and be well absorbed by the body. While the sick digestion, it can not absorb nutrients well so that the body’s need for nutrients is disrupted.

One way to maintain digestive health is by using blue tansy essential oil. It stimulates digestion well, eliminating accumulated gas in the stomach, cramps, constipation, and other digestive disorders.

5. Good for skin health

Another health benefit of blue tansy essential oil is to keep skin moist. Use it topically after dissolving it with carrier oil. In addition to moisturizing, it is also good for treating skin problems such as treating acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, itching on the skin and soothing dry skin.

This benefit is thanks to the anti-fungus and anti-microbial in the oil.

6. Overcoming stress and anxiety

Fragrant smell and warm feeling make your mind feel good and comfortable. Thus, the benefits of blue tansy essential oil are not only used to treat skin diseases, but are also widely used to improve mood, calm nerves, stress, anxiety and mild depression.

When you inhale this oil, it will soothe and throw away the fearful thoughts, and the anxiety that haunts you. Whether you have been feeling this condition or have been treated for a long time but not recovering, you should try tansy oil. This oil can work effectively to treat your illness.

7. Treating headaches

Coconut pain is an annoying problem, but can be overcome by using of blue tansy essential oil. This magic oil works to overcome the problem of sinus headaches or tension.

Before using aspirin, you should try the natural first. Use a few drops of blue tansy oil and massage gently on the temples and the side of the nose.

8. Improve the respiratory system

As we mention at the beginning, blue tansy oil contains expectorants. Mean, it can be inhaled to relieve respiration, and free the sputum in the sinuses and lungs.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-virus can also help cure the disease due to viral infection. Not only that, blue tansy oil is also terrible make you sleep soundly and free of cough that happened at night.

To get these benefits, you can inhale directly. But to be more optimal you can mix with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint, then inhale the steam.

9. Repel Insects

Blue tansy essential oil has a fragrant odor and soothes our system, but it is very dangerous for insects like roaches, mosquitoes and crawlies and other insects that interfere with our comfort. So, blue tansy is one of the essential oils to repel insects.

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How to Use Blue Tansy Essential Oil

The use of tansy oil can be done directly, but better if mixed with oils such as geranium, lavender, neroli, bergamot, and helichrysum.


Spreading tansy oil in your home can make the house fragrant and free of annoying insects.

Steam inhaler

Add a few drops into warm water, and mix with peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in the same ratio. Then, inhale the steam to relieve your breathing congestion.


Liquid with carrier oil and gently massage on aching muscles and joints

For use on the skin

Grab a cotton ball and drop a few drops of tansy oil, then apply to skin that is sick or fungus attack.