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What to Know Before Using Trendione for Bodybuilding?

Have you been doing bodybuilding for a while without achieving the expected results? Many bodybuilders hope for a quick muscle growth and greater vascularity only after a short training period.

However, building strong muscles and veiny arms takes time and arduous workouts. Therefore, people achieve their fitness goals in a faster way by using anabolic drugs, such as the ones on this link: anabolicsteroiddrugs.com, which promote speedy muscle growth, strength and fat loss.

Trendione, also known as trenavar, is a prohormone that is considered to be one of the most efficient fitness companions. Here is what you need to know about it.

What to Know Before Using Trendione

Its benefits

Trendione is used in bodybuilding mainly due to its promotion of fat loss. Bodybuilders’ aim is to significantly reduce the fat cells in their organism, by transforming them into muscle mass. As a prohormone, trendione plays a major role in speeding up the metabolism by increasing your core body temperature, thus burning fat much quicker than normal.

Another use of trendione is a greater vascularity, as having visible veins is a sign of being in an excellent fitness shape. Although the regular way of boosting vascularity is constant training, many bodybuilders just can’t seem to become veiny enough, which is why they need a prohormone, such as trenavar to improve their blood circulation.  Improving your blood flow will not only boost your vascularity but promote muscle growth as well.

In addition, trenavar is beneficial both for people who wish to grow muscles as well as for those whose aim is to make them stronger.  Apart from boosting your blow flow, which triggers muscle growth, trenavar nourishes your muscles by providing them with greater strength. Since it helps nutrients to transform into muscle mass, your muscles will no longer look abnormally bloated.

Owing to its androgenic properties, this prohormone promotes greater masculinity which results in changes of the physical appearance. Bodybuilders tend to experience alterations of their voice, by becoming deeper as well as growing more hair on their faces. Women also experience these effects, only in their case the appearance changes are noticeable in a few days. Read more about the function and biological activity of androgenic hormones.


Trendione is recommended to be taken in a period of four weeks, followed by a post cycle therapy. In terms of dosage, the normal amount it’s thirty to maximum forty milligrams daily, divided into two equal dosages, taken both in the morning and in the evening.

However, in case you are trying this prohormone for the very first time, you are advised to commence with a small dosage and gradually increase it, in order to test its effects. Anyhow, after the completion of four weeks usage, it’s paramount to undergo a post cycle therapy in order to restore the optimal hormone levels in your organism, as trenavar tends to increase their levels. Due to this reason, some users even take a break of a couple of days, during the four-week period.

Potential side effects

As any other anabolic drug, taking trendione may be accompanied or followed by potential side effects. The most common one is related to the hormone levels in the organism, particularly testosterone, which plummet after completing the cycle. Since its levels are amazingly high during the usage, you have to take a post cycle therapy to avoid sudden drops of hormone levels that may result in moody behavior, gaining weight or increase of the estrogen levels.

Furthermore, among the other less common side effects are increased blood pressure as well as hair loss, which is more noticeable with men. Also, there is a possibility of experiencing liver damage, which is most common after completing more than one cycle of taking this prohormone.

Therefore, prior to deciding whether to include trendione in your bodybuilding routine, it’s essential to be aware of its side effects in order to know the potential outcome of using the drug. By gradually increasing the dosage, you will be able to notice its effects on your health and recognize some of the side effects.


Prior to taking trenavar make sure you are aware of its benefits, right dosage and side effects!