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Why You Should Be Using Vegan Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes seem like a niche product, but they can be surprisingly useful in the right circumstances. Whether you’re following a vegan lifestyle, eating plant-based or just want to add something healthier to your diet, a vegan subscription box can be a nice addition to your normal eating habits and a great way to try something new every month!

You Get Better Variety

Vegan food occupies a strange place when it comes to diets: there’s a lot of restrictions that have to be followed on vegan diets, but that also means that the meals you can eat get a lot more inventive and creative with their ingredients. For example, a vegan can’t eat a regular hamburger: instead, they can get anything from veggie and bean burgers to burger patties made entirely from nuts! Not only do these all taste different, but it can really open your eyes to the variety of foods out there that you might never have tried, which is especially useful if you’re the kind of person who struggles to vary their diet.

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With a subscription box, this gets even better: each month, you’ll get a range of different food items or meal plans, and it’s rare that you’ll ever end up with the same thing twice in a row. You’re not stuck with the same foods every month, so you’ll end up with brand new favourites that you might never have tried otherwise!

You Get More Nutrition

Vegan food contains a lot of healthy items, ranging from fruits and vegetables to meat, cheese and milk alternatives made entirely out of vegan-sourced ingredients. Regardless of what you actually eat, you’ll be getting plenty of health benefits, including things that you might be lacking in a mostly meat-based diet. Even if you try to eat your five-a-day, it’s much easier to do it when you’re eating foods made out of fruits and vegetables, so it’s a nice way to make sure that you’re still getting everything your body needs without changing what you eat too much.

Of course, it depends on the food: some vegan items, like pizzas, will be more or less the same as their normal counterparts. The real difference is in the small thing: meat substitutes, smoothies, desserts and other food and drink that might not be that nutritious on their own.

It’s Cruelty-Free

You don’t need to be vegan to see the benefits of using vegan products. You don’t have to eat food made out of real meat or using real eggs, and the alternatives can not only be healthier but completely bypass the need to cause any harm to animals. Even some of the ‘humane’ methods of gathering meat, dairy and eggs can be questionable sometimes, and knowing that you’re not eating something made from the suffering of animals can amok it taste even better.

Even if you don’t care that much about animal cruelty, vegan products are often also made with reduced human cruelty, too. Fair pay, locally-sourced ingredients and checks for GMO ingredients are a key part of many vegan subscription boxes, so you know that you’re getting something created with effort rather than just put together in a large factory for minimum wage.

It’s Not All Food

There are thousands of vegan subscription boxes out there, and not all of them are purely focused around food and drink. If you already eat healthy enough or have a vegan diet that you’re happy to follow, you can use a subscription box service to fill some other niche – maybe you need skin care products, or want some vegan-friendly clothing that you can add to your wardrobe. Vegan subscription boxes are just as varied as any other type of subscription box service, and the amount of options you’re offered means that it’s very easy to end up with something that’s perfect for your current day-to-day needs. Even if you aren’t fully vegan, there’s still plenty on offer for you to try out.

Of course, if you still want food, you also don’t need to go for big meals. Some of the subscription box services offer snacks alongside other trinkets or useful items as a lifestyle option, giving you a nice selection of whatever vegan products they can find every month for you to use as you see fit. If you’re still not satisfied, you can always double up on the boxes: each service is unique, so two different brands of vegan subscription boxes can offer you something unique and interesting without giving you any duplicates.